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  1. joh
    johnnno Turvey Tyke
    Hi Turvey. I have written a book about Barson called Taking No Prisoners. If you want a bargain copy (£8 p&p) then let me know. Otherwise it's on the Amazon website. Hope this reaches you as I don't know how this system works...
    John Harding
  2. thetykester
    Sunburnt n pissed
  3. wak
    wakeyred Bostonwayne

    He was called James Walton, I don't have his service nos I'm afraid, but he was from Preston, so I assume he was in a Lancashire regiment.

    Thanks for your help.
  4. Gol
    The soccerball roster is awesome.
  5. Gegenpresser
    guess who's back with a brand new track
  6. Ken
    Kendray tyke
    Is Mowatt back for tonight
  7. Baldy
  8. Wir
    Wirral Red andytyke
    Hi - could you please PM the info on set up?
    With thanks
  9. Wir
    Wirral Red andytyke
    Hi - could you please PM the info on set up?
    With thanks
  10. too
    toontyke andytyke
    Hi Andy - hoping you can help.

    If I signed up to smooth streams is there any reason it wouldn't work on an iMac? (E.g. Using Firefox or Opera)
    Also, the smooth streams registration process asks for an 'Invitation Key' - What is that and would I be eligible?

    A slightly confused Toontyke
    1. andytyke
      They arnt accepting new members at the moment. Supposedly issuing invites soon. I’ll let you know if still your interested. It works on everything and they allow you to use at 3 separate ip’s on unlimited devices
      Aug 3, 2019
  11. Hooky feller
    Hooky feller Skinner
    Sorry Skinner I haven't worked it out who you are yet . We obviously know each other and possibly were at school together (DOB) Don't leave me in suspense .LOL
  12. Bri
    Brian Mahoneys Waist twillo
    Hi mate hope you don't mind me texting you.Just wondering anything else in pipe line,you seem to be quite clued up.Anything you do tell me would not be repeated.Thanks BMW.
    1. twi
      Now then pal.

      I don't mind at all. Only thing that seems to get repeated from the person who tells me any info is the chance that Moore might be leaving. The rumours of China are true and he's keen on a contract extension, something we're not entertaining at the moment. Things could change like
      Jul 3, 2019
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  13. dek
    i've been got at, subliminally
  14. Hooky feller
    Hooky feller judith charmers
    Match ticket come spare if not sorted . 07790615483
  15. fat
    fatalbert Gally
    Hi Gally, I live a long way from Barnsley and sadly can't make the Bristol match live and I understand Ifollow is not available--any ideas please how I can watch the match?
  16. jax2
    jax2 gingerwizard
    Did you receive my reply
  17. gingerwizard
    gingerwizard jax2
    Hi , would you take £120?
    1. jax2
      Apr 18, 2019
    2. jax2
      Can collect later tonight or i can bring it to the game tonorrow.
      Apr 18, 2019
  18. tomaiba
  19. Spa
    Sparkfield red Gally
    Nothing come through Gally
  20. thetykester