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  1. SFOTyke
  2. lk3
    lk311 Northern
    Hi, So giving my Daughter £20k for her deposit towards a house, the lender have asked us to sign a form confirming it is a non refundable gift etc which is fine, but are asking for us to provide proof of ID and 6 months Bank Statements is that normal?
    Not comfortable with having to provide a third party with my private bank details, just seems an odd thing to request if we have already confirmed on a form.
    1. RedStriker
      It’s just to prevent money laundering
      Aug 4, 2020
  3. Tykeored
  4. Tyk
    Tyke1 YTBFC
    You online mate
  5. North Yorkshire Tyke
    North Yorkshire Tyke YTBFC
    Hi, thank you. My email address is [email protected] which is attached to my account. Name is Matthew Rollin. Checked all folders and not been sent a code, thank you
  6. pon
    Jamdrop has admitted he got it wrong, it was 4.5mill. Didn’t know he was a she,lol
  7. dek
    dekparker pontyrich
    dont think jamdrop got the wrong amount pal,she'll have known exactly what she was up to mate and thats belittling brexit
  8. pon
    Would absolutely love it if the EU fell apart(which I think it will eventually) and we flourish after Brexit.
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  9. dek
    dekparker pontyrich
    its getting to the point where there will be no one left on this board except for the half a doz self righteous that are constantly online
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  10. dek
    dekparker DavidCurriesMullet
    i've mates who are/were cops and my step daughter has just passed out as a cop in the west yorks force , i'm not the type to hate all coppers and i'm well aware who were the generals (to coin a phrase) giving the orders
  11. Googs
    Googs JamDrop
    Well as I say, the offer remains. I hope it didn't come across that it would be a date with the male mate either, I didn't really have to say his sex haha. He's married, I think he's about 36ish. In 40, my wife is 39. You don't need to feel brave, you could join us 1 week, if u don't like us or dont want to do it again, we wouldn't be offended, honestly.
    1. JamDrop
      Don't worry, I know it wouldn't be a date, I'm married too (just my husband has zero interest in football and is secure enough to know he doesn't have to chaperone me around (although he does give me a lift, it's just he prefers to go to Taco Bell and wander around). I'm 32 btw.
      May 27, 2020
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    2. Googs
      Haha, well that's a potentially awkward moment out of the way! It would be great if you wanted to come along, but obviously no pressure. Keep in touch if you want to join us, it would be lovely if you did. We dont meet up night games though, a bit too much of a rush.
      May 27, 2020
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  12. Googs
    Googs JamDrop
    You are more than welcome to join us, despite not knowing us, but that would evaporate within an hour wouldn't it. Whenever it may be, if you're interested, just drop me a message on here if you like. Stay safe, Scott.
    1. JamDrop
      Hi Scott, that's really kind and I may take you up on that if I'm feeling brave. I don't meet up with people (although I do feel like I kind of 'know' the people next to me now). I've got the problem that being a female, and now living in Leeds, none of my friends are Barnsley supporters - I know, shocking, isn't it?
      May 27, 2020
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  13. Googs
    Googs JamDrop
    Hi JD, hope you're keeping well? I notice you say you go alone to the footy. I'm guessing you meet up with other people, but if you don't - or u fancy a change - my wife and I both go for a drink with a male mate of ours and usually go to Bramahs, or the fanzone on warm days pre match for a couple of pints.
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  14. dek
    dekparker John Peachy
    if you are ever struggling pal ,i'll help you,you know i own a a shop,well a sack of taties will last you a while and a sack full of onions,carrots etc will do the same,..this lot will last you a few weeks and save you natterin' where your next meals coming from,i'll give you a few loaves so you can bang em in the freezer

    i'm only a phone call away 07967276325,,

    my names Dean
    1. John Peachy
      John Peachy
      Cheers Dean, I'm up in Headingley in Leeds, but thanks for the offer. Mark (JP)
      Apr 29, 2020
    2. dek
      ok pal no worries,however if things do get tight then get in touch.

      Apr 29, 2020
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  15. KamikazeCo-Pilot
    KamikazeCo-Pilot admin
    Can someone get in touch with John Peachy as a matter of urgency please? Reading his recent post is very worrying. Police or NHS may be needed. Sorry if I'm calling this wrong but I'm just a bit concerned. Cheers
  16. TobyOnTheMoon
    TobyOnTheMoon Gally
    Hi Gally, is there anyway for me to privately message you? I wouldn't mind some help with something if you're available.
  17. smi
  18. smi
    smithiestyke Redarmy87
    50 Wakefield Rd smithies pal
  19. Red
  20. Barnsley Loyal
    Barnsley Loyal havana red1
    Hi mate can I collect 10 packs of hamber leaf today . If so what time is best for you