25th February 1998

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  1. I was working as a barmaid in the local pub and I'd been on the receiving end of a lot of stick from the Man Utd fans of how this little club called Barnsley were going to get well hammered and how lucky we were to have reached the 5th round of the F.A.Cup. So confident of their win that one of them challenged me to a bet. He was a window cleaner and pledged to clean my windows free of charge for a year if we won. My part of the bargain would be to work a shift behind the bar in just my Barnsley football shirt.

    I remember being stood behind the bar watching and hoping that no one would want a drink while the match was on the TV because I didn't want to miss a moment. Oh how grand it was when Hendrie scored that first goal and to watch the boastful smiles of the Man Utd fans turn into sneering frowns.

    Jones scored the second goal and when Sheringham got Utd's first I can recall silently thinking that they would come back with avengeance and I was going to have a very hard shift at work. That soon changed when Jones scored our third one.

    I might have been the only Barnsley fan in the pub, in the town in fact, but I cheered just as loud as a roaring crowd of thousands.

    One game that I will never forget.

    Oh, and I got my windows cleaned twice for free.
  2. The very same match I was working and living in London. I lived in a flat with very thin walls and ceilings etc.

    I had travelled up for the game and drove all the way home full of elation laughing at all the Manchester United fans on their way back to their homes in Guildford.

    Obviously it was very late when I got home but I had to put the highlights on which my other half of the time had taped for me and went to bed.

    I woke the following morning to a note which had been pushed through my letter box by one of my neighbours berating me for the noise at 2:30 that morning (that's them from That London notes through your letter box not personal contact!).

    The note was fairly damning about the level of noise and how my neighbour hoped I was as miserable at my teams loss as she was about being woken up. It insulted "my" players and how we should have lost in the first round and how the ref had cheated in the first round by not giving a penalty against us.

    At this stage in the letter i was a tad confused until I read the last line. "Barnsley were much the better team on the night and you should support your local team you glory hunting armchair fan"

    Needless to say I took great pleasure in apologising for the noise in person that evening and pointing out the Barnsley scarf still in the back window of my car!
  3. Iwas serving in Bosnia at the time of that game sat in some make shif type naafi bar surrounded by Mancs , And yes i jumped all over that bar and the 2 can rule went out of the window.

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