26th of November 2002

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    Well, so soon after publicly telling the good people of this website of my cancer, and receiving much valued support from sympathetic fans who seemed to understand without question what I was setting out to do, the world seems to have fallen in. My original posting was lost in the morning turmoil surrounding TT saying that a meeting had been called at the club at which ALL WOULD BE REVEALED. Much debate took place, and the vibes were not good all day. The sense of anxiety increased throughout the day as the original deadline came and went, and the new deadline of 3 pm approached.

    I reposted my original thread, which disappeared yet again in the deluge of postings following the press conference. Were the good souls of Barnsley comfortable with the outcome ? Not on your Auntie Nellie. Whilst some expressed relief that the wait was finally over, the overwhelming majority were incandescent with rage, following the news that John Dennis was to be the figurehead of a takeover by the Doyle family, a set of individuals not known to me before today. I now feel that I know more about them than most of my own nearest and dearest. I listened to Pete Doyle, who seemed to be doing a very poor impersonation of Marlon Brando as the Godfather on 40 Woodbines per day, in an interview on Hallam FM, which I can listen to through the internet.

    It was clear that he was not a football man, at least not in the traditional sense of someone who wanted to talk about the game and the club, preferring to steer clear of even the vaguest reference to football, and talking instead about his love for the town, the need to get 'bums on seats', and to retain the football club at the core of the community. As speeches go it was perhaps the least inspiring call to arms that I have ever heard, but I started to understand those who regard this man as a slightly dangerous character. He frightened me just listening to him from over 50 miles away. The website has been full of disappointment fuelled vitriol towards Dennis and the new team. Few seemed to give the new purchaser much chance of still being here in a couple of years time. The rider to that is that if he is not here, will the club have gone as well ?

    Presumably JD will use his new salary from his status as Chief Exec to appoint a personal trainer to help him lose weight, and for plastic surgery to give him a new face, and a safe house to run to when the **** hits the fan. Popular he aint. Which is not to say that he does not have his fans, and I suspect that the game on Saturday will be as well attended as might otherwise be the case. There is a reality here that the majority of Reds fans, whilst perhaps dipping occasionally into this site, do not share the venom demonstrated by those committed to posting on here. Indeed most will simply be glad to have a game to go to, and a team to support, and the demonstrations against Dennis and Doyle are likely to be pretty muted. If the team get another result like the one against Cardiff, I suppose all will be forgiven and forgotten, until the next defeat at least. Some fans have said that they will never darken the Oakwell door again. This makes me sad, and will, I am sure, make those involved equally, if not more, sad. If the club is part of your life it's a bit like a marriage - in sickness and health, forsaking all others etc. And just think what a tit you'll feel if, after a run of twelve consecutive wins, you have to come back and admit you were wrong after all !! (Some chance)

    K rang tonight to ask me how I was. We talked for around half an hour about the days events, and then I told him about the choices open to me with my treatment. He was sympathetic, but as embarrassed as everybody else when talking about my illness. I mean what do you say ? I do understand how people feel, and I wish I could do something to help them. I tried to end on an upbeat note, but it's not always easy. He has bought tickets for the one day international cricket next year v South Africa. As it's in June I might wait a bit before I buy mine.

    I wonder what tomorrow will bring. A Football League enquiry ? A counter bid from PC ? A **** without passing blood ? I tried to find my posting last week in the archive, when I attempted a witty commentary on a mythical race at the BFC fundraising evening. It seems to have disappeared, as it was too old even for the archive. In it the outcome of the race was a swift burst up the rail at the end by a horse called The Fat Grocer, or somesuch, who won the race !!. I wanted to post it to demonstrate further to Acky my rapidly developing gypsy like skills at predicting the future. I had already posted a spurious rumour about Bachelor from York City coming in with a late bid, and Acky had kindly re-enforced that with further information that gave it credence.

    To those of you who have offered kind words, a million thanks. And always remember, a Football Club is for Life - not just for Christmas.

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