A few links that I've just seen on the London Flats fire.

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  1. https://twitter.com/Rachael_Swindon/status/875664530734555137



    Upsets me does this. We have a government of people that hide. We are busy doing something. T May should be out talking to people yet she will not meet the public. Senior people in all positions need to connect with the public so everyone can see what they are wanting to do and reassure the public.

    This country needs a big shake up it really does.
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  2. She's clearly got a problem meeting the public. Wonder what it is.
  3. It annoys me Gally. despite what I've put on here over the last couple of months I'm someone that tries to keep it off but I'm fed up of it.

    Who actually votes for this women and party. 312 Tory's voted against a make building like that in west london safer according to Lily Allen.

    The queen at her age knows what to do. You be public, get yourself seen by the public, media anyone and anythings better than cold silence.
  4. If there's any good to come out of all this hopefully it will speed up the end of this soulless nothingness that is our PM.

    Love Jezza's proposal to requisition all the empty second homes of the rich and famous in Kensington to house the homeless.
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  5. Good PR , never happen when you consider the number of empty properties in this country that councils , boroughs and successive governments have done nothing about .
    Don't remember jc campaigning about that !
  6. I agree .
    When I first saw her on pmqs I didn't think that she came across as strong and stable.
    Always look in the eyes ...
    May weak...
    Blair like denis wise , the lights are on but nobody is home .
  7. Doesn't matter in what organisation be it Priminister, Senior in an LTD or a sports team. Senior people have to be in the media to get the message across.
  8. Are you really using this to veil your whinging about the CEO not doing media? You absolute prick.
  9. Not at all. I've just again sat and watched 10 plus videos and the message seems to be Infomation or the lack of.

    Looks like people are making their message in a different way.
  10. You really are a disgraceful w4nker.
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    Let me get this right. You have used a thread you have created yourself regarding the tragic events where many innocent people have been burnt to death and somehow twisted it round to your own agenda of having a pop at BFC's new CEO?

    You seriously need help because you are one sick individual.
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  12. You're also taking political advice from Lilly Allen. What did Tulisa have to say on the subject?
  13. While HT might not be everyone's favourite poster he makes some valid points and to twist it round to have a pop at the lad is wrong. If he is using it to have a pop at the club then he shouldn't be allowed to post ever again but I personally don't think he is

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  14. Course it's a dig.
    He can't resist.
  15. His current agendum consists of berating the CEO for not doing an interview on the website. His mention of senior people in sports teams being visible in the media is no accident.
  16. Just watched Newsnight. People marching on Kensington Town Hall and Downing Street.
    Demanding answers and justice. People sleeping on mattresses on concrete floors in nearby buildings.
    The Governments grip on power is being loosened slowly but surely. The cork is likely to come out of the bottle
    any time soon.

    May has now promised £5 million to help people and has promised that all those displaced by the fire will be found alternative accommodation within three weeks.!
    If it wasn't for local people coming forward with donations the people caught up in this
    nightmare would be without food and clothes. They need help now.

    Where is the Home Secretary in all of this. Happened on Wednesday no action until Friday. It's an absolute National disgrace.
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  17. Leave the lad alone. You know he didn't mean that.

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  18. I see no malice in HT's statement to be fair. He does like to be controversial, without a doubt, but there is no bad intention, of that I'm sure.
  19. It's what I thought he meant as soon as he saw it.

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