A few links that I've just seen on the London Flats fire.

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  1. I dont believe he started the thread with the intention of having a dig at the CEO but when the opportunities came, he couldn't help himself :)
  2. Goodness.

    Right yesterday I watched a lot of video clips of protests and anger in West London. I think that the thought of this happening in West London made me think slightly different about it too because although I don't go often and for other than Football all I see from this area is affluence. Went to watch Barnsley at Fulham and it hit what someone said. In an area that you are more likely to see a high-end car than say a regular hatchback a man that escaped a conflict zone had died in one of the wealthiest areas in the world.

    I had also watched a group of people try and enter the council offices in that part of the area.

    I had also seen a person complaining about more than just the Priminister and that was what I was getting at. It's messed up. She's rightfully taking a lot of the stick but this is more than just that for me. She's caused misery and hurt right across the country with some of the things her and her party have done.

    Maybe I shouldn't post things like this on here and for so long I never did but private companies to blame and so are the local council.
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  3. Teresa. May every political. Person and the royal family ago ld stay away and let the services get on with there job
  4. I think on this occasion, your reputation and history has overshadowed what was a well thought out, well meaning thread. It was probably a misjudgement on your part to mention a "sports team" when talking about a situation where hundreds will likely be named as dead....
  5. Rapidly becoming jaded with everything to do with this government, which includes hearing about them ad infinitum.

    Hemsworth's reputation precedes him but I don't think there was any malice in his comments.
  6. "Sadly an Opposition MP Karen Buck ( Westminster North) had her Homes ( Fitness for Purpose) Bill 2015-16 voted down
    by the Government. The Bill sought to impose certain conditions regarding the nations housing stock including those owned by private landlords. It transpired that 72 of the Tory MP's who voted were themselves private landlords and one of their number Philip Davies said at the time "if the Bill had of gone through it would have placed an onerous burden on landlords who seem to be an easy target for the left of the Country."

    We have been told there is no money tree to fund any new initiatives and yet his cronies gave their support to a proposal to expend £ 370 million to upgrade a property that houses a couple of OAP's in SW1A 1AA. For their part they must be grateful they're not paying for it nor will they have to flog it to pay for their care in old age.!

    We can't however find £200k to fit a sprinkler system in a block of flats to ensure the safety of its 600 residents
    just down the road from the Palace.

    I'm ashamed to say Davies MP for Shipley West Yorkshire originates from the town where I was born.
    Not deflecting blame away from other parties either. As a result of the declaration of interests 39% of Tory , 26% of SNP and 22% Labour MP's revealed that they were private landlords.

    Begs the question should MP's be allowed to pursue another career/enterprises whilst they are supposed to be serving their constituents.?
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  7. I don't believe the Prime Minister of a country has time to attend a fire damaged building and the suffering people at this time. The country has just had a general election, appointments have to made and Brexit talks are about to commence. To attend Grenville Tower would have been foolhardy as

    A) It would have required added security
    B) it had been hijacked by Corbyn's mob of lefties Anti-semites, Hamas supporters and their ilk, and anarchists for their own political ends.
  8. A) Who called the election just before Brexit talks were just about to start thinking they would win by a landslide then any deal they could get would do as it would be unopposed (whoops ! ) ?
    B) Do you mean real people with real compassion and not self serving robots ?
  9. No one in life doesn't have 1 hour in a day to meet people. This well isn't it better for the person to be doing this is bs.
    Mr Khan and Corbyn will have other things to be doing but they have a heart and went to meet people.
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  10. Corbyn is leader of a political party, Khan is Mayor of London . Put is another way, if Plane had crashed at East Midlands Airport would the Prime Minister of the day gone running up to meet relatives of the dead, N! As he didn't at Kegworth.
  11. Kegworth= Tragic accident
    Fire= Caused in part by Tory government making cuts. Delaying fire safety bill implementation. Ignoring findings of reports.

    Yeah they're identical situations.

    Ps who is the HE that you speak of? Margaret Thatcher was the prime minister at the time and SHE did rush up to the crash site. It happened on Sunday night and she rushed up to the scene within hours of the crash. And yes she met victims families giving them assurances.

    In short your post was rubbish once again
  12. Just throwing this out there. A parliamentary report regarding "POTENTIAL RISK OF FIRE SPREAD IN BUILDINGS
    VIA EXTERNAL CLADDING SYSTEMS" from 1999 after a multi-storey block of flats in Irvine, Ayrshire on 11th June 1999.

    Prime-minister at the time a Mr Tony Blair.


    The evidence we have received during this inquiry does not suggest that the majority of the external cladding systems currently in use in the UK poses a serious threat to life or property in the event of fire.

    Notwithstanding what we have said in paragraph 18 above, we do not believe that it should take a serious fire in which many people are killed before all reasonable steps are taken towards minimising the risks.

    We believe that all external cladding systems should be required either to be entirely non-combustible, or to be proven through full-scale testing not to pose an unacceptable level of risk in terms of fire spread.

    We recommend that DETR and the Housing Corporation instruct local authorities and Registered Social Landlords[55] to undertake a review of their existing building stock with a view to ascertaining how many multi-storey buildings are currently using external cladding systems; and how many cladding systems are in use which, whilst complying with the regulations in force at the time when they were installed, do not comply with current Regulations. Competent fire safety assessors should then be called in to evaluate what work may be necessary to ensure that no undue risk is posed by any of these systems, with particular reference to the lessons learnt from the fires at Knowsley Heights and Garnock Court. Local authorities and Registered Social Landlords should also be instructed to monitor existing cladding systems carefully to ensure that the materials from which they are constructed do not degrade over time and become less resistant to flame spread than they were at the time of construction

  13. It's not for us to say what a Prime Minister should or should not do.
    The current Home Secretary Amber Rudd however should have been pushed forward to assist in the supervision/ co-ordination of the rescue , feeding, clothing and re-settling of the citizens caught up in this awful tragedy and that process IMO should have started in conjunction with the local Council on the afternoon of the14th June.
    So far both Ms Rudd and the Leader of the Council have been conspicuous by their absence.

    At this stage it's no good pointing fingers and apportioning any blame until those qualified to investigate incidents of this nature have completed their enquiries and we are party to the actual facts.

    I have to agree that the involvement of members of Momentum, the Socialist Workers party and other left wing groups has not been helpful. Like any demonstration so long it's peaceful however they have every right to get involved and the lack of action by the Government and Council has to my mind excacerbated the feelings of disquiet and anger.

    I believe the worst is still to come. There will probably be a major protest in Westminster next week when Black rod bangs on the door to enable him to deliver a vellum scroll to the Sovereign who will read out the policies the Government propose to implement during the next session of Parliament.

    I would love to know if they could say their piece without compromising impartiality what the Queen and the other royals would say about this current lot who as part of their remit are charged with safeguarding UK citizens.

    It would appear not enough of them can care. The policy of austerity has led to cuts in living standard, police and fire brigade budgets, council budgets and social housing budgets but in truth that seemed to be of little consequence to them because they have the wealth to insulate themselves against the likely consequences unlike those at the bottom of the pile who it now appears don't appear to count until we next get a chance to put a cross on a ballot paper that is.!
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  15. Hemsy, Phil, you wind me up a lot on this forum. You are a lot of the time on some agenda I think childish and attention seeking.

    However I think your words on this thread give an insight as to what you are really like behind the pretend w.u.m persona.

    Which is a rationally thinking, rounded and generally decent bloke. Other than the little dig at the club, I don't think there's a word you've said that I disagree with.

    Stick to this dude, your reputation will soon change.

    Comment on the club with the same heart and honesty too, instead of the false (or at least unjustified) vendettas pushed aside.

    Well done mate. Good thread.

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  16. Agree Tina. He's a disgrace to the Town of Doncaster and humanity.
    He's appears to be a racist and it seems to be against the rights of women.

    It was him that said disabled people shouldn't be paid the same as the able bodied
    because of their disability. What an odious bar steward.

    His father Peter Davies is the former elected Mayor of Doncaster another self opinionated bigot
    who got the bums rush when the electorate voted for Ros Jones.

    Be interesting to see what happens if he attempts to talk out any proposals to demand improvements in
    the safety of Social housing concerning both Council and private tenants portfolios.

    Might as well save his breath because I agree with the majority in saying it's got to happen.
  17. I played cricket years ago with one of the police officers that were first on the scene at Kegworth .
    Because of his experiences that night he became a vicar .
    Of course at the break in play he was asked numerous times ....
    More tea ..
    Just an anecdote .
  18. Being reported that a total of fifty eight folks are now reported missing presumed dead.
    A Senior Met Police Inspector has just been on TV saying he fully expects that total to rise.
    How very very sad.

    Good to see though that the Trooping of the Colour went ahead as planned.

    "The foot guards marched the Royal Family appeared on the Palace balcony and waved to the crowds and
    Prince George as usual stole the show.

    He looked down at the crowds as the Royal fly past appeared and looked up at the sky
    with his sister Princess Charlotte.

    This however was no ordinary " Trooping" this was a year when the head of state reflected the Country's feelings
    of both shock and grief".

    Nicholas Winchell BBC News at Buckingham Palace.

    " Forgive them Lord for they know not what they are doing" - LUKE 23:24
  19. Tonight drinking with friends I was surprised how absolutely fucking livid I feel that poor people die for being poor. Absolutely fucking livid
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