A few links that I've just seen on the London Flats fire.

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  1. That might be one of the reasons they put forward as being a contributory factor.
    If he's recommended fully fire retardant and the Contractor has persuaded the Housing Association
    to fit PE God help anybody who was party to that decision.

    Seen one headline today that says " Let this blackened tragic Tower stand as a monument to our
    cheapskate society". Can't disagree with that.
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  3. According to Hammond (and he is in real trouble for making that statement publicly if it turns out to be untrue) the cladding used is illegal in the US, EU AND the UK. If that is true some people are in serious trouble and criminal charges will be inevitable.

  4. The "Anti-Semite Hamas " supporters intent on using the fire deaths to topple the Tories have been unmasked by the police.
    Left wing Lawyer Tasnime Akunjee who specialises in defending terror suspects in Court is at the centre of a tight knit circle
    of activists which involves other lawyers. He's been quoted as saying " I bet some Tories look at the Grenfell Tower and see it as a partial solution to benefits claims." He urges that no Muslim should ever trust the British police.

    Ishmahil Blagrove is a veteran activist. He is one of the main organisers of the Notting Hill Carnival and used to address crowds at Speakers Corner.
    He has said "there are real issues in the underbelly of society that frustrate people."

    Afro Carribean Ms Antonia Bright is responsible for supporting students at the School of Oriental and African Studies
    in London. Asked about an intended March she has said " you have to ask what does it take to make this Government stand up and listen. This is about justice for everyone and I would expect people from all cultures to attend". ( the march being planned).

    Musta fa also-Mansur is a spokesman for Finsbury Park mosque. He was once arrested on suspected terrorist activity after
    his fingerprints were found on a book showing how to make improvised explosive devices. He is urging that charges of Corporate manslaughter should be brought on those responsible for the cause and effect of the fire.

    When asked about Jeremy Corbyn he was quoted as saying " Conservative supporters should wish that their leaders had an ounce of his impeccable character, dignity and humanity and unswerving principled view on politics."

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