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  1. A few 'rumours' from Alan Nixon today. A few have already been posted but thought I'd post them all anyway:

    Barnsley in for Liam Lindsay at Patrick Thistle. Will pay fee. Down to wages. Oxford still in.

    Burnley on re alert for Marc Roberts at Barnsley. Birmingham have come in. Need to move.

    Qpr pushing hard for Josh Scowen.

    Spurs after Alfie Mawson at Swansea. Want a young centre half. Player on the way up.

    Bournemouth back in for Ryan Kent at Liverpool. Would buy. Boro like him on loan.
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  2. If we can't compete with Oxford we might as well have our own Brexit and come out of the transfer market.
  3. Bournmouth are set to bid 6million for Kent if reports are true....
  4. I did wonder with the Linsday speculation as to whether there might be movement with Roberts. Sounds like Lindsay would expect to come here as a first team regular.

    Be gutting if Robbo goes but you couldn't begrudge him a move to the Prem, especially if we can get £4-5million for him.
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  5. Very much doubt Robbo would go to Birmingham, why would he leave his hometown club where he is Captain for a club he turned down to move to us in League 1 and will probably finish around same spot as us this year, especially not when there are Premier League clubs in for him who can offer Premiership football and much higher wages.

    As for Lindsay and Oxford, very much doubt he'll go there now he's turned them down and they are set to lose their manager
  6. Been said before.. with The Plan.. To maximise our return, both Robbo and Yiadom will have be moved on before the end of Aug. Unless they re-sign... of which there is no indication
  7. Agree. As sad I would be to see Robbo go, if we get £4m+ then imagine (and would agree) he would be sold. Hopefully if a few clubs want him it would be more. But if £1m of that secures us this Lindsey and perhaps an Aaron Pierre type then that would hopefully be sound business.
  8. I doubt Birmingham could afford robo.
  9. Really? I saw an article, a few days ago, reporting that Redknapp was pleading with the club to meet John Terry's £100k weekly wage demand.

    Pretty sure they got took over mid-way through last season, which lead to the dismissal of Rowett.

  10. Forgot that they was took over. Letting harry rednapp lose with an open cheque book is dangerous.
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  11. Yup, 'Trillion Trophy Ltd' as the owners call themselves, look ready to chuck money at it.

    As if they didn't learn from paying Zigic £70k per week in the Championship? Still, Robbos got bigger fish to fry.
  12. Jesus H Christ
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  13. I was thinking same, if it happens Liverpool will have had 25 million from Bournemouth in the past 2 season's for Kent and Jordan Ibe.
  14. I like Ryan, but I reckon I'm worth £100k if that's how the market is.
  15. I think Brum have one of those owners with bags of dosh, like Wednesday..

    As for Robbo, with him working his way up from non-league and at his age, he's 27 in July. He would go anywhere that would secure his family's financial future.. and who would blame him
  16. Birmingham probably can't afford Robbo but the Harry school of football philosophy is spend, spend, spend.
  17. Personally, don't think the Partick Thistle Centre Back and Roberts have linked in anyway. For me get this guy in and if Roberts goes go and make a statement and bring a quality ball playing centre back in thats very good on the ball. Think this new lad and especially Macdonald (thought he was looking very good in the second half of the season btw) can cover what Roberts does.

    With Alfie, I think he's brilliant. In a Spurs team as a backup, he'd be great. He's the type of player we need now but I think we'd have to loan in a top premier league's u23 squad player in to do it. As for the Sell on. There better be one in. It should be mandatory for us now to get at least 15% sell on and appearance fee if they are young with young England.......

    Saying that I reckon a European ball playing centre backs more likely and for 700/800k you could potentially get someone a bit good.
  18. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that unless we're adamant we're not willing to sell .
    One club comes in offers x amount and if accepted others may come on but only on same bid and entice player with improved offers against previous bidders.
  19. Roberts is the most important player at the club right now and a far better player than Alfie Mawson in my opinion he has just had a really good propaganda machine behind him
  20. haha. you are funny.
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