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  1. Why the **** are you bothering replying to it?
  2. Not optimistic then?
  3. Not particularly.

    More importantly, how was Krakow?
  4. I've been in the garden all weekend, done a marvellous job of the (Ryan) hedges. Just having a sit down now and thought I'd catch up.

  5. Is he ever I've been contributing to this forum for probley 3/4 years and reading for longer. All I have seen is moan moan fucking moan.
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  6. Give em a chance to spend a bit. Lets just wait to see who comes in ( and out) between now and the end of August... before any kind of judgment can be made
  7. Filthy stinking hypocrite.
  8. Great. Red hot all week, everything dirt cheap and a great city. Ordering two meals and two drinks and it coming to less than a tenner was nice. Found one little pub that was doing pints of Tyskie (well, 500ml) for 6 zloty. So just over a quid. In my element pal.

    Visited the Schindler museum at our lass' request. It was ok I suppose. The salt mine trip was something else but obviously the highlight was Auschwitz. Impossible to put it into words really. Just a really emotional experience I suppose. The bit with the shoes had me tearing up and then in Birkenau I nearly went again when I stood on the ramp and couldn't help but imagine what it was like for those poor souls on arrival.

    I think everyone should visit the place. As the sign says, if we forget the past we never learn from the lessons and risk repeating it. There was a chap from Australia whose grandmother perished there and he was on our tour and in pieces on more than one occasion. But he kept saying he had to be there. There's certainly a gloomy feeling but at the same time, it felt like paying respects too.

    Very clean city Krakow, people were nice enough but it's proper white isn't it? Bit weird that.

    Missus loved that big Galeria. Puts Meadowhall to shame.

    I wouldn't go back because I never want to, I like to see new places all the time, but I'd definitely recommend it for a short break.
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  9. Propaganda machine? Are you serious? What sort of propaganda machine would be at the disposal of a relatively unknown central defender from swansea? Few spin doctors, and a PR guru? Hes highly thought of in the game because he is a good player, not because he has been partying with Rupert Murdoch. Beggar belief some folk.
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  10. Brilliant reply sabre.
  11. OUR spin machine was in full force while he was here to increase his name and make him appear better. Nowt wrong with that it got us more money than football alone would have
  12. BrillIant what we're doing, player from the lower leagues for next to nowt and selling for a good profit. Even better if we know where the money's going.

  13. You've contradicted yourself there. You just said we haven't spent any of the money we've received but noted players who we have signed on permanent deals: Mowatt, Hedges, Mallan and McCarthy for overall probably just over £1 million. And obviously we'll need to spend more.

    Also, your comment on Mowatt. Many people wrote off Marc Roberts in his first 6 months here. Give him a full pre season and a chance in the side. You're being very quick to write off
  14. Hang on a minute, Andy, old mate. What about a tip for those of us who AREN'T worrying??:D:D
  15. Start worrying. It's en vogue. :rolleyes:
  16. Nah, I'll not bother! As you know, I've never been a dedicated follower of fashion!:D
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  17. Love it how people write players off so quick. Many wrote robo off in his 1st season. Some on here wrote andy yiadom off after his 1st game against ipswich, same with angus now Mowatt is rubbish? Love it.
  18. Aye, Our other centre half has confirmed this afternoon that other clubs are in for him.

    £6 million should do it.
  19. Glad you enjoyed it. We dint go to the shopping centre with us being proper blokes.

    The beer and snap prices have to be seen to be believed.

    Possibly the reason for it being white is that they never had any colonies so have little links to Africa or Asia. I could be wrong.
  20. What about the other £19m?

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