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  1. It just shocked me. I have Polish friends and they said it's like that but still, I'm used to all colours and creeds so found it a little weird.

    The prices are ace. I actually spent half an hour in a little shop going "look at this, Doritos, usually £1.79 at our shop, works art at 60p here" and so on.
  2. Where does the £20 million come from ?
  3. Why the **** are you bothering replying to it?
  4. Mawson
    Stones sell on

    What's your estimate?
  5. I bet you dint get pestered to go in the titty bar though. I don't think it's too cheap in there.
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  6. Approx £15 million, of course its all guess work & as we are all well aware, transfers are paid in installments , therefore I would guess we will have only received a fraction of that amount but I do believe that a lot of what ever we eventually receive will go towards keeping us afloat.

  7. We have to be wise with our money been one of the smaller teams in the division and without a sugar daddy owner. Even if we did have 15 million in bank the club aren't stupid enough to say go on paul blow all of it and don't bring and change back.
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  8. 1: there's no way we'll have £19 million sitting in a bank. Some of it will be instalments and other add-ons which may not have come in yet
    2: we ran at a loss last year, so this will wipe that out
    3: there are other costs to clubs; wages etc. Other than donations from Patrick Cryne which are relatively small, we haven't many other sources of income so the money coming in from transfers will help fund any other costs
    4: we have certainly not finished transfer dealings by any means this summer
    5: just because we've got up to £20 million doesn't mean we need to blow it all. It can be used when needed in the future to keep the club sustainable especially in the likely chance that we don't get any big investment in the future unfortunately
  9. Absolutely right. It's not going to burn a hole in out pocket; we can't afford that to be the case
  10. I agree with you 100 % , there are some on here who think we are minted & should be spending silly money, easy game football manager !
  11. I think your estimate is a bit on the low side but as you say it's guesswork.

    If we are receiving these payments in instalments then we structure our outgoings accordingly. It's guaranteed income. It doesn't matter how and when we get it.
  12. And the money from our biggest attendances for 15 years at an average of just over £25 a ticket, and of course the standard £6 million from being in the championship to add onto all those transfer fees.
  13. With TV it's more than 6 million Gordan.

  14. You know something your not letting about yer little bugger Hahahaha
  15. There's no way we'll have millions sat in the bank to my mind. If we have we need to hire
    a new Accountant 'cos we'd get absolutely hammered for tax.

    We don't know of course but as others say transfer fees can be paid in instalments
    so likely as not as Red CB has rightly said we might not have received a lot "up front".

    Plus we don't know how much Patrick Cryne has put in and whether he has called
    any of his outlay back in. Also what are our arrangements at the Bank.?

    Remember when we went into receivership in 2002 as well as the demise of ITV Digital
    in his WSB's piece John Dennis cited the bank's actions regarding our overdraft facility as not being
    helpful regarding our eventual demise.

  16. He'll also take his dog along to any transfer deals and plenty of brown envelopes. ..
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    Article in Sheffield Star saying we could still be in for young Lindsay from Partick Thistle.
    Suggesting we could also be running the rule over 19 year old Trevor Clarke
    who is currently with Shamrock Rovers.

    Is there a pattern developing here Thistle, Shamrock,
    Mowatt, McCarthy, Mallan, Mc Donald, Moncur.?
  19. As Whitey says, as true supporters we owe it to the club to worry. If we don't worry, Hecky will see this as a sign of complete indifference and go to Sunderland. And it doesn't stop there. After a few days of worrying, we need to move on to the next stage, and panic. Then after 2 weeks of that, we should all have a tantrum. Only by following these simple steps - worry, panic, tantrum - can we be sure of building a good squad for the coming season.
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  20. People quote figures of income as if we are mega rich, what about quoting expenditure figures so that a balanced view of finances can be debated. The nearest thing to this is an annual balance sheet, which in recent years does not indicate we are in the rich list.

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