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  1. I agree.
    My tantrums are also accompanied by a great deal of flab wobbling from stamping my foot and waving my fist angrily at the computer screen.:D
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  2. No one is asking to blow all the money.,..over reaction.... you'll be mentioning Aston Villa next
  3. I never wrote any of those players off. Didn't think Macdonald looked any good in his first couple of games but he soon won us round. Even if they had struggled as much as Mowatt I would possible give them more time as they have come from lower leagues and need time to step it up.

    Mowatt is the closest we'll get to a big-money, established championship signing and he's showed nothing in half a season. Scored a goal deflected off his arse, got sent off and otherwise barely had a touch. Hope he comes good but I can't see it based on what I've seen so far

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  4. Confident Mowatt will come good. You're not voted Player of the Season if there isn't
    an underlying talent in there somewhere. Probably tried a little too hard when he first came.

    A possible stand out player next season for me will be George Moncur.
    Different in style and stature but his Dad John was a prolific performer for West Ham for
    nine seasons. Folk also overlook the fact he also spent eight seasons with Spurs at
    the start of his career. Class will always shine through.

    George will have inherited that gene. Here's hoping for big things from him next term.!
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  5. Please explain where my comment is an over reaction, & why should I mention Villa ? I havn"t got a clue what you mean.
  6. I agree, Moncur might be our main man. Need a good partner for him in centre midfield.

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  7. There could be. Pinnock plays for Forest ( Green). ! Hmm.!
  8. So the above is all about first-team coaches buying players. But earlier you said:

  9. No chance of a response to that.
  10. Ya what. PH was Head Coach when Kpekawa signed. it was him that signed him.

    When the others signed Lee Johnson was Head Coach and Heckingbottom was either with the academy or first team coach
  11. You don't half talk b*llocks.
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  12. Contradiction overload

  13. If your thinking we spent the reported 450k on kpewaka we didn't and that's from the horses mouth p.c....
  14. Oh my word.

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  15. From who?

  16. Im pretty sure when it was put to patrick he laughed it off and said he didn't know where the figure had come from
  17. On camera?
  18. Im not sure I wasn't filming though...... seriously though I can't remember it been said at the time may have been on his fb account.
  19. Are you actually crediting LJ with finding, scouting and signing the 3 players you mentioned.

    LJ was just lucky he was the coach when BFC signed those players
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  20. If we paid £350,000 for Kpekawa and are rumoured to be paying £350,000 for this lad
    from Partick wouldn't it have made more sense to have put that money to better use by hanging on to proven performers by
    giving them what they would need to stay with us i.e. Scowen and Roberts (if in fact he is moving on.)?

    The £750,000 k equates to over £21k per week over three years which would be more than enough
    to "top up " their existing wages as a reward to both players for their commitment and willingness to continue playing
    for the Club.? We know they are proven performers at Championship level whereas from what Les Ferdinand said about him
    Kpekawa seemed to have lost his way at QPR and the lad from Partick might struggle and take time to adapt to the Championship. Thoughts.?

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