Ben Williams Signs One Year Deal

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by tinatyke, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Welcome Ben

    Blistering pace
    Left sided
  2. He was my man of the match in his trial match against Forest. As Harsley has said, in my opinion, it is a no brainer. With Rhys Dolan, we are starting to have some strength in depth at LB - a position we have struggled with for years now.
  3. Yep like the lad. Good signing. Welcome to Oakwell Ben.
    You'll absolutely love it.
  4. A left back called Williams? Let's hope he's more 'George' than 'Tom' or 'Robbie'
  5. To only get a one year deal... There's got to be a question mark somewhere...
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  6. Welcome to the club, Ben.
  7. Only speculating but he's 18 years old. Are they wanting to see how he progresses by getting more
    experience before awarding a longer contract.? He's played for Morecambe and Blackburn and whilst he has shown promise he doesn't look to have had much " quality" game time since he started at Morecambe in season 2015/16.
  8. It will be quite simply because as a development player he'll need to work hard to get into the team. We see many development players prove not to be good enough; but if he is, then it should not be too difficult to get him signed for the longer term
  9. Not having a go at the lad...but we've given players like Tuton and Kayden Jackson longer deals and they came from further down the football pyramid. They have been no where near first team football..
    Maybe we've learned from past mistakes and are making young players earn there corn... but it still don't seem quite right to me
  10. Definitely. Worrying to me, say he someone ends up in the fold and becomes a key player next season then we've developed him for someone else to take him for free. Club never ever learns.

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