Ben Williams to give an interview on Radio Sheffield

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  1. In the next 15.

    Might be in now if you're listening on the radio. I've got it on the iRadio app so I'm about 3 minutes behind.

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  2. Soz for any typo's but tried to type whilst he spoke.

    Absolutely thrilled for the opportunity. Can't wait to kick on. On trial for a month and played games for u23s. Came out that they wanted to sign me which is good as they're a great club.

    Joined to the club to follow in the footsteps of Stones and Holgate if given the chance.

    First and foremost wants to establish himself as a Barnsley player, hoping to make an impression on the first team and impress Hecky.

    Not had a chance to talk 5o Paul yet but with the style of play looking good. Praise to Bobby Haswell and Paul Harlsey for giving him the opportunity.

    Looking forward to linking up with the team next week.

    I'm an attacking full back with a lot of energy and creating chances.

    I like to play at a high tempo. Getting on the overlap.

    Keeping fitness levels up at the mo.

    Looking forward to training sessions starting on 26th.

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  3. Sounds like a prospect

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