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  1. Why no? Do you know much about him?
  2. Williams played today for our U23s against Forest. He actually played at left-wing with Callum Elder playing at left back. He looked good going forward, fast and a decent crosser. Given Blackburn have allowed him to play for us in an U23s match it seems that if we want him, we can get him. Think it would be on a free as well, so worth a shot

    One player who I thought did well today was Jared Bird, especially in the 2nd half. Composed on the ball and some great set-piece deliveries - like a poor man's Hourihane!
  3. We seem to hoover up a lot of other academies released players. Not a problem but don't think any have actually been close to breaking into first team. Hopefully this lad will be different. We need a couple of left backs.

    Just seems strange that we take lads similar academies don't deem good enough to even offer 1 year pro deals to.

    Bird, Patrick and Brown look most likely to break through next year. Hecky will be able to spot if a player is ready to step up. Our 23's need to kick on and improve next year.
  4. There were a couple of other trialists playing? Any ideas who they were?
  5. Gianni Critchlow from QPR is someone we're looking at. Been at club a couple of weeks and played a couple of U23s.

    He went to Torquay on loan this year. But was sent back as he didn't settle.

    Sounds an odd one for us to be looking at....
  6. I thought Williams played extremely well today and was my MOM. Bird had a quiet first half but came to life in the second half. Wardle must be getting close to the first team squad, looks like the next valuable academy asset to me - we're good at producing RBs.
  7. Browny had been out for three months injured before today so looked a tad rusty, but I will eat my hat if he doesn't make it with us. Every raw ingredient to be a success at this level with the right guidance.

    Jared has come on a fair bit this year, but Matty Wolfe who scored is probably the one to keep an eye on in terms of midfielders. Only 16 but has so much locked down already.

    Wardle, Lund, Walton and all the above I reckon would be in and around our first team next year were we still L1. It's much harder though to get your opportunity at this level. But that crop look the pick to me. But I'm no scout or coach. I thought Reuben would be a world beater. It's hard to be certain with youngsters.

    We miss Hemsworth in threads like this. Saw him at the game today, he knows his onions with the 18s and 23s.
  8. I miss his post especially like you say on 23s and 18s shame he has decided not to post on here anymore. I could think of a few posters I'd swap him for.
  9. He was banned.
  10. Or didn't know that fair enough still got alot of unfair stick on here imo.
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  11. Sounds good. Only seen brown a few times as I've had to spend half my week in London so my lazy Fridays where I got to watch the odd 23s match have dried up. But he was mustard when I saw him. Although who's this wonder kid we have in the acadamy? 14 or 15 and apparently the best at his age we've had?

    Phil was a good poster about the young ones. He just couldn't help himself repeatedly berate anyone that the majority of fans liked. It was an odd trait.
  12. We have a few with huge promise in the younger groups. Forwards as well, which we've failed to produce really. But I'm not naming them at this stage, they don't need that attention or pressure.

    The academy is in good hands. But produce it must, regularly.
  13. Hemsworth was a great read when discussing the 18s and 23s.

    Inciteful and well informed generally.

    Unfortunately he chose to wind people up with his biased bickerings about popular first team players. And yes, he did do it on purpose. He couldn't be so daft and also come across so well discussing the age group sides.

    Let's have him back on. With a filter mind...

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  14. Good to see you Andy today. Apparently, we all had to sit in West Upper on them horrible seats.
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  15. Wahey, eyup Phil!

    Right then, you've seen i'm a fan of your opinions of the younger players. Have we got some to look forward to?

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  16. Ha, what have I done now.

    likes been said above it's Brown and Walton for me. They quite simply need to play games. Now Walton could be an early candidate for the former academy player on the bench rule. Would this be a good move for Jack? I'm not sure. He's very positive when trying to throw the ball out.

    Brown, Physically bulked up a lot. Still quick. Now from my past memories of him he never stops running. Remember speaking to him when he had the bad injury whilst second-year academy player. Nice lad to speak to.

    Like the looks of Palmer too. Looks a strong lad.

    Wardle's a lot quick than I thought. Height wise could be a problem?
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  17. Cheers fella, I'll look out for them

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  18. Like to see one (atleast) given a chance against Burton.

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