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  1. I personally think that Walton is the competition that Davies needs. He's a safe pair of hands by all accounts and I feel that next season could see him move much closer to the first team as I expect Townsend to move on.

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  2. The other was Fredrik Nielsen. Centre-half. Looks like Roberts. He did ok. Ironically on trial from Forest but scored an own goal!
  3. Of the development players Brown, Kay, Evans, Bird and Wardle have got in the first team squad at some point so they're clearly doing something right. Mottley-Henry might have got in had it not been for injury. This year's first year scholars also have some good players and that's been recognised with Wardle and Wolfe regularly getting into the U23s. Next season if one development player could get into the first team on a regular basis that would be ideal, and would perhaps mean we have to make one signing less!
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  5. Interesting to see as Hecky alluded in his interview this week that none were ready and he did not want to damage any by putting them in too soon.

    I'd imagine Brown is an exemption to that given he has come on as a sub this season.
  6. Cheers for the info on this
  7. I think PH might have done damage to them with some of the comments. I was listening to talk sport whilst watching the match and they were talking about M Rashford and he's only doing what he's doing because he was given a chance. One of them is a Chelsea fan and he was saying there players and mainly Solanke was miles ahead of all these others but he's the one that's not been given a chance via first team football or out loan on after is season of what was a good loan last season.

    Now he might be seen as behind them in the line with England etc and that was down to manages not given young players a chance.

    I'm not sure if you've notice but Manchester City now have a pattnership with a Dutch team, nec maybe
  8. Just to add to young players or more young sports men. Those who like cricket and Yorkshire cricket would have noticed what a player Called Ben Coad's done. Now he was miles off. A few injuries and Yorkshire had to given him a chance. He's now out performing everyone including the layers that are fit enough to play like ashes winner Bresnan ....
  9. Signed. 1 year deal. For development squad initially
  10. Low cost low risk. No harm in this. He'll either make the step up and we offer him a new deal in January or he doesn't and we go our separate ways in the summer.

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  11. Yeah a bit like when we signed Kebbie and Mottley-Henry last year: one worked out, one didn't
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