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  1. wonder how true this is

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  2. Quite a lot of people on twitter seem to be talking about it now. Hopefully is true.
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  3. Another attacking midfielder, I'd be surprised.
  4. How many players do we want in same position good player mind.
  5. 5-3-2 next season. Nailed on at this rate.
  6. Strength in depth.

    That'd be nice for a change.

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  7. Like the look of him from the footage on youtube. Looks strong and lively, knows where the net is, lots of headers and a decent penalty taker.
    McGeehan, Mowatt, Moncur, Mallan, it begins to sound less like a midfield and more like a stutter :)
  8. Not sure I believe it
  9. Seriously good news if this is true. A player who can really impose himself on the midfield and could play defensive, holding, or attacking midfielder - a genuine box-to-box player in the mould of Redfearn. Great signing.
  10. If Barnsley can get this guy fit - then they have signed an absolute BEAST.
    The new Gerry Taggart.
    Mark my words.
  11. Just a winger, forward and left back to sort out as basics. Then may be a couple more to supplement and add cover
  12. somehow I feel a Tarn hall steps moment coming on
  13. Eh?
  14. Maybe 1 more striker then too and a Central Defender if Robbo leaves
  15. Like the look of him. First touch looks good, good positional sense, can spot a pass and appears
    very strong in possession. If his leg has healed and he gets back to something like the form he
    showed against Exeter City in that clip that I've just watched he'll be a rey't signing.
  16. Not seen it confirmed though anywhere. I hope it's true though as shows some ambition
  17. We need at least two strikers and a centre half even if Robbo stays. We need replacements for Watkins and Scowen and somehow we have to replace Hourihane's goals and assists. We need options at full back, assuming Yiadom stays, and we need a decent sub keeper.
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  18. Isn't this the lad who was in plaster at the end of the season...or am I getting him mixed up with someone else... thought id read hes recovering from a broken leg....i might be wrong

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