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  1. Izzy and McGeehan are Scowen and Watkins replacements. With the midfielders we have it wouldn't surprise me if we played 1 upfront so therefore wouldn't need to sign many more.
  2. Yes
  3. Do you mean Isgrove? Don't see him as a replacement for either really but we haven't signed him yet.

    Where do you see the goals coming from?
  4. Conan's right. Desperate for at least one striker. 2 really.
  5. Don't get me wrong. I would love us to sign another forward but 2 would cost serious wedge. I think Bradshaw will be better this season and Stefan Payne hopefully will be given a chance. Definitely need an extra 1 on top of that but it wouldn't surprise me to see Mallan and Moncur play off the striker with support from out wide ie Hammill plus A N Othet
  6. That's what I said if you read it properly
  7. In all fairness Bradshaw needs to be better, need rid if not. Payne will be out on loan before the end of the window.
  8. I must admit, mate, I've looked and can't find anything official about this lad signing.
  9. I thought Payne did ok before his injury and was improving
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  10. Can we not speculate until it's confirmed by Bfc please, at your own request :D
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  11. I like Bradshaw and hope he has a good season but I don't see any way he can play up front on his own. When he was with Walsall against Roberts and Mawson in the semi final he was completely unable to compete. He needs a striker with him.
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  12. If we play 1 upfront I don't expect it to be Bradshaw. He's ideally suited to 2 up top. I would have thought I target man up front by himself would have been an option
  13. Davies

    Mccarthy Roberts Mcdonald yiadom

    Mcgeehan moncur

    Mallan mowatt hammill


    4231 only talking daft and a strange formation but that would be an exciting side.

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  14. Payne isn't good enough and Hecky doesn't rate him. Like you say Bradshaw can't play on his own and I don't think he would get ten goals if he played every game.

    We should take the plunge and spend £1m each on two strikers.

  15. He got 8 goals last season and didn't play every game. I do agree he needs a strike partner though. I think Ibra is avaliable.
  16. No, you are right - he didn't play every game. Just 42. Plus three cup games.


  17. He couldn't get a look in at the start of the season kept getting plenty of 15 min cameos and scored in 2 of them rotherham and wolves off top of my head.
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  18. Couldn't get a look in. Tells you all you need to know.
  19. That's the one. Meaning he should be back in time to replace George Moncur after his January move to some 'bigger' Championship side.

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