German Fans, what are they doing

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  1. So 2 people, out of 80,000,000 hold up a flag and you put them all in the same category? Interesting.

    Nobody with a brain cell will justify such a flag.
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  2. Sick people but there are a minority of sick people everywhere.
  3. Might be Polish supporters trying to get a rise out visiting Germans.
  4. You'll have to explain "Growing things like this" too?
  5. Im sure there's a polish documentary called German death camps. In fact I'm sure I've seen that logo before in poland
  6. See German fans causing problems all the time.
    You see cheap tickets as good when all it does is attract people to cause trouble. Clearly, WHU have had that same problem over here too.

  7. So cheaper tickets is bad?
  8. You're talking absolute nonsense. Show me your proof of German fans causing problems all the time?

    Cheap tickets fill stadiums, create cracking atmospheres and brings fans together. Again, show me the trouble?
  9. It attracts the poor.
  10. Lets hear a good news story from you occasionally instead of this constant angst.
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  11. My stats for the 2016/17 season in Germany:

    Games: 64
    Trouble: 0
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  12. The bloke on the right is wearing Polish colours too.
  13. Cheap tickets produce loutish behaviour.

    If I'm going to a test at Headingley I'm not sitting in the cheaper seats. North East Upper thanks.
  14. Louts produce loutish behaviour, not the ticket prices. I will happy take you to a German game, any time. Name the team/stadium and I will get cheap tickets in the standing section. No trouble, no louts, just passionate fans enjoying the opportunity to watch their team(and drink some beer).
  15. Look at the website it originally came from too... Polish Hooligans:
  16. So how much would you class as a cheap ticket price?
  17. + 1 grumpy barmaid :p
  18. I know where to avoid now (NE Upper), thanks for the heads up.
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  19. Glad that we've established the OP is talking utter bullshit.

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