German Fans, what are they doing

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  1. It's different. At Football to Cricket.
    Just looked and on day 2, the seats I'd have to be paid to sit in (section D) are 20ish pounds cheaper than the seats I would sit in (section N).
  2. My season ticket is about £159. I usually pay about £9 on away days. Does that make me a lout?
  3. You a beer Snaker and someone that shouts obscene things at the players inc Joe Root.

  4. How the heck can you afford the higher priced tickets for a test match at Headingley?
  5. Which is all irrelevant as we've now established that the flag bearers you are lambasting are nicht Deutsch.
  6. No, but I enjoy having a good time. I've been to loads of cricket at Headingley, both county and international and never seen any trouble. A person that might shout the odd obscenity could sit anywhere in the ground. I take it you don't go to Oakwell if you don't like bad language?
  7. I doubt very much that LD Red or the vast majority of German fans would condone such vile behaviour in fact I think they'd be appalled.
  8. Yet another better fan post.
  9. Come on we know where the problems are. When I go to the odd day of CC the old ones can't stand what go off. Same with Fancy Dress.

  10. don't like the idea of cheaper tickets or the idea of people enjoying themselves.
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  11. What on earth is wrong with fancy dress FFS? Let's face it, the MAJORITY of older cricket fans don't like any change to the boring 200 runs a day county cricket. They don't like T20, they don't coloured attire, they don't like many people being there, they don't like music. They're BORING because they're old (note I said the majority, not all). And you're sounding just like them.

    If the game carried on like that it'd have died a death. If Yorkshire didn't get good crowds for T20 and international cricket they'd probably fold as they're struggling enough as it is.

    Why don't you try and enjoy yourself and stop being such a whinge bag?
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  12. Awful, just awful. Bunch of louts and their cheap tickets

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  13. Can we get a comment from you now that it has been shown that the flag in your OP is polish hooligans not German?
  14. I did literally 2 minutes of research and immediately established it's Polish fans making a point about the fact the death camps were German and not Polish
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  15. How many times in a week can you make yourself look like a tit?

    I'm impressed.
  16. It's the old fans that are the issue at West Ham, who have an issue with the new fans who've jumped on the cheap tickets.

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  17. What's worse? 2 people with a flag (we don't know their nationality)


    100 or so people running across the upper tier at Wembley to confront opposing supporters?

    Do you think LD likes German football because he is a national socialist with a hard on for death camps?

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  18. I did shave my head a few weeks ago. Make of that what you will!
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    Beat me to it. My son has just commented the same, they've discussed this during their GCSE History course, and there is a strong Polish movement to get recognition that the death camps, whilst in Poland, are very much of German origin. Perhaps tangling this in amongst football is misguided at best, or indeed has a sinister edge, but it's not reflective of German or Polish football supporters.

    I had the genuine pleasure of staying in a Premier Inn in London on 24th May 2013, the day before the Champions League final. Hotel was rammed full of Bayern Munich and Dortmund fans. Great fun and great company. 99.9% of football supporters I've crossed paths with go to watch the football and enjoy what goes with it, be that fancy dress, ale, banter. Those that want to cause trouble, or find it, will do irrespective of what has been put in place to prevent it.

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