German Fans, what are they doing

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Hemsworth Tyke, Jun 18, 2017 at 9:13 PM.

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  2. Obviously a member of combat18.
  3. I think I look more like a member of the Coneheads Appreciation Society
  4. Someone has gone very quiet.
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  5. That's a lovely spade you've got there, Phil.
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  6. Not sure what you want me to say JT. I've said what I think.

    It's a long-term view on ticket prices.

    Someone said about the Millwall game last season. Were they in the cheaper part of Wembley?
  7. You're passing judgement on something you have never experienced.
  8. So what have we had this week-

    The clubs media team slated
    The manager slated
    The club captain slated
    The club slated slated
    People enjoying themselves slated
    Germans slated
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  9. The fact you were having a pop at German fans/football (again!) when it was actually Polish people?
  10. What is your comment now that you know they are polish fans not German fans?
  11. People who get cheap tickets are generally unemployed i.e layabouts.

    Are you going to acknowledge the fact that your original post was bollocks as the flag bearers are not German. Course you're not.
  12. Think this is my favourite from today. Says cheap tickets incite loutish behaviour. Uses an example from cricket. Is questioned on this and how it's bollocks. 'it's different at football to cricket'.

    That, and being spectacularly wrong on the original point.
  13. What I meant was cheap ticket prices are different. Seeing prices of 30 pound for Community stand and and 50/60 for other parts of the ground. Football 10/15 pounds

  14. So someone who pays £30 to watch cricket is just as likely to cause bother as someone paying £10/£15 to watch football?

    Give me examples please.
  15. I reckon part of England's success has been aided by the partisan atmosphere at home test matches.

    The convicts are no shrinking violets themselves when it comes to handing out the sledging.

    Do you think Hussain takes his kids in the singing section when he takes them to premier league games?

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  16. Hemsworth you forgot to log in as Young Nudger.

    You really don't make life on this forum easy for yourself, do you?
  17. I don't post to be popular. I post my actual views on things.
  18. I really like how you challenge everyone intellectually with your posts.

    For example, I used to think there's no such thing as a wrong opinion, you really made me think about that one.

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