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  1. Always rated that man ever since I first saw him in pre-season for us.

    Proper player.
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  2. Great goal threat too
  3. We've been absolute garbage, taking after the man in charge. Great marking by Holgate for their goal too.
  4. We've not been in much trouble. It's defence vs attack. 58% possession. 8 shots on target to 3.
  5. It's been garbage. We've score from 2 counter attacks.
  6. Enjoying it. Good to see them try and battle in the tournament. Second favourites behind Spain I'd imagine
  7. Ha ha no way are they 2nd best team. Going home if they concede another.
  8. Like what I see from Pickford too. Seems to have a presence about him. Does things 100%. Commands the area......
  9. Those Chelsea three in midfield won't make 50 appearances between them. Chalobah, Swift and Baker absolute garbage.
    Still a good win in the end. But I'd change the lot in midfield.
  10. Swift? the Reading player?
  11. Are you serious? Swift is absolute class.

    He was unbelievable last season and scored a beauty against us at Oakwell.

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  12. Won pen too
  13. How did the Germans get on last night while facing that controversial Polish flag?
  14. I'm not on about last season. He was very poor today.
  15. You said those three wont play 50 games between them. Swifts played well over 50 Championship games.

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  16. Thought he was still Chelsea's player, but on loan to Reading. And I obviously meant 50 Chelsea games between them.
  17. That subject seems to have been studiously ignored by the person in question since he was proved wrong.
  18. It was pretty obvious what you meant mate.
  19. He seems to have ignored my very generous offer of a free Bundesliga game too!
  20. I put what I did like I said 10 hours or whatever ago.

    Any times have been spent on the internet today's been looking at the transfer window rumours.

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