Had a cuppa wi David Currie earlier, at his house!

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  1. Like tha does! What an absolutely top blowk. Welcoming, chatty, hospitable and loved tarn!
  2. What a fantastic player he was. One of a few who could genuinely create excitement when he had the ball...
  3. One of the great entertainers of the last couple of generations!
  4. He's a real down to earth bloke, very welcoming. Love the photo on Twitter mate. Who is next on your quest ?
  5. What's he up to these days? Assuming that he didn't make anywhere near enough money out of footy to have retired on it?
  6. My favourite player as a young un, exciting, skilfull and scored some smashing goals, gutted when we flogged him to forest.
  7. Brilliant skill and a true entertainer!

    Get your boots on David and rescue us from our mediocrity!
  8. If I remember, didn't he turn up for the first day of training at forest and Cloughy dint know who he was.
  9. Always remember the goal he scored against Stoke in the cup controlled it with his right and hammered it in with his left brilliant goal!
  10. Them were the days! Fantastic goal and if I remember correctly Beagrie scored the leveller for Stoke.
  11. Was it for WSB article?
  12. I went to the first match at Stoke (3-3 draw) Currie Scored 2, I can't remember who got the other one. The Stoke fans were calling him a "Gyppo" and he answered in the best possible way.

    One of the Stoke goals hit the crossbar and bounced down on the line before Paul Futcher cleared it. Me and my dad were by the corner flag standing right on the line and I'm certain that the ball never crossed the line. Still we won the replay and were rewarded by Coop's somersault when he scored.
  13. God rest his soul! Coop's that is
  14. Lyon's Cakes on the shirt.....boy i loved that shirt....still got it somewhere.

    if only our current shower had some of that skill and passion......or were allowed to display it maybe!?

  15. Used to love watching David Currie play. His skill & flair was a joy to behold and more than made up for the occasions when he wasn't on top of his game. Again, though, a player who was criticised by some for not working hard enough, not tracking back, not getting stuck in.
    'Twas ever thus, though.
  16. I loved watching Currie in his pomp.
  17. You'll have to wait and see
  18. I thought it did at the time, it was close though, I was in the seats at the back in that corner. Wasn't it Dave Bamber?
  19. One of the best games of football, in terms of individual skill, that I've ever seen was Currie's debut for us. The history books say the result was Barnsley 2-3 Ipswich, but it wasn't. It was David Currie 2-3 Dalian Atkinson. We'd give the ball to Currie, who'd dance through the opposition's defence, they'd give it to Atkinson who'd do the same. Currie scored 2 and hit the post, Atkinson bagged himself a hattrick. The pair of them were light years ahead of anyone else on the pitch. It was like watching competitive dad being chased around by little kids in the park, yet this was a 2nd division game (Championship) and Currie had just signed from division 4, while Atkinson was still a teenager.

    A week prior to that Ipswich game we'd lost 1-0 at dem blades in one of the most god awful performances I've ever witnessed. We were every bit as dull, and maybe even more so, than we are now. The Ipswich game was the 4th defeat on the bounce, the 6th in 8 games, and we were sinking like a stone. But, although we lost that game to Ipswich, there was suddenly a reason to get excited again. David Currie made the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. The following week we beat Hull at their place, then beat Bournemouth at home and all fears of relegation evaporated. A few games later, in the space of 10 days, we stuffed Man City, drew at Bradford and beat Huddersfield. A very nice Easter.

    That summer Clarkey signed Steve Cooper to partner Currie. We got the song (we ain't got a barrel of money), the back flip, and scared Everton half to death in the 5th round of the cup (no conceding 5 goals that time), plus some truly amazing performances throughout the season: 4-0 v Chelsea in the cup (the runaway champions), 2-1 away at Man City (the runners up), 5-3 away at Birmingham, 5-2 at home to Bournemouth with Currie getting 4, 3-0 at home to Leicester and Sunderland.

    We finally finished 7th, 2 points and 1 place outside the play-offs, only 8 points from automatic promotion. We spent much of the season within striking distance, but never quite got in to the mix, but it was a cracking season culminating in a fancy dress party at Walsall where we won 3-1 in a brilliant performance watched by many very happy Barnsley supporters.

    Sometimes, it just takes the signing of one player to transform a dour team doing nothing in to one you can't wait to go and watch.

    Incidentally, the four teams directly below us in the final table of the 88/89 season were Ipswich, West Brom, Leeds and Sunderland. Difficult to believe now isn't it, but that's the standard we were at for a long time.
  20. Think it was John MacDonald who got the other.

    What a game.

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