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  1. Taken by Journo Tyke

    I'm going to put each photo under a new message, to make things easier for those unfortunate people on dial-up... :D
  2. Stadium 1

  3. Stadium 2

  4. Penalty!

  5. We're in Football Heaven...

  6. Aww, cute dogs

  7. Believe it or not

  8. Cheers for posting them Tomi

  9. No problem mate

    Thanks for the photos! (Y)
  10. kvaliteetti nt
  11. Haha, nice one


    Are you working tonight or can't you sleep either?
  12. I don't sleep....

    Going to bed soon.....</p>

    Well in the next few minutes.</p>

    The wine has run out and I am off to the small bed, which happens to be the spare bedroom.</p>

    Solitary confinement. Or should I say Voluntary solitary confinement??</p>

    He he</p>
  13. Better view than I had

    6 rows from front and in the corner......but who cares!
  14. Which corner?

    Were you by that charming water feature?
  15. RE: Which corner?

    Yes....a rather pleasant waterfall effect I thought
  16. Guess Where

  17. That stadium.......... a Hyundai Coupe. Not bad looking but starts dropping to bits after a bit of use.
  18. RE: That stadium..........

    Whereabouts were you?

    I saw Another Bubble, said hello to Young Nudger and met La Dent
  19. Bang in the middle, up at the back.

    Brilliant view. We parked right by the ground with the coppers.
  20. RE: Bang in the middle, up at the back.

    I was parked up near the Uni.....a bit of a walk back to car but no traffic on way out

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