I flipping hate Huddersfield !!!

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  1. FA Cup 1st Round , November 1977, we're at home to the club I despise more than any other. A few weeks earlier, we'd put in a dismal performance at Leeds Road losing 2-0, with both goals being scored by one time Barnsley transfer target Terry Eccles. Now our record in the FA Cup during the seventies was nothing short of pathetic, so I viewed this match with a great deal of trepidation. It was a typical Yorkshire derby, no quarter asked or given. We had a young Mick McCarthy dominant at the back, Eccles losing out every time due to Macca's superior footballing abilities and physical strength. However, in those days we had a colossus in midfield whose ferocious tackling was the stuff of legend. His name was Alan Little and I've never seen a harder player EVER in a Reds' shirt. He was truly magnificent that day, winning every tackle, even if it was 20/80 in his opponent's favour! Just before half time, John Collins put in a back pass to Peter Springett that was intercepted by my former hero Mick Butler. He raced towards the Ponty End goal and I feared the worst. Springett, God rest his soul, managed to make a superb block to keep the scoreline blank at the break. This one save seemed to inspire Barnsley for the second half. We kept battering away on the Huddersfield defence, which was only just managing to survive. Then, with about fifteen minutes to go, we had a corner on the left. Graham Collier took an inswinger and there, leaping like a salmon in the six yard box, was Neil Warnock who headed home. The crowd erupted with a deafening roar, I'd never heard the Ponty End as loud (even though there was only about 8 to 9000 in Oakwell). It acted like the proverbial twelfth man. There was no way Barnsley were going to let the lead slip. To a man, everyone behind the Huddersfield goal were swinging their scarves in the air, whilst tied to their wrists (as the fashion of the time dictated) and singing "Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be, we're going to Wemberlee, Que sera, sera". At that moment, we all probably meant it too!! Finally, the referee blew for full time and we'd not only won an FA Cup match, but we'd beaten Huddersfield Town as well.
    The next month, normal service was resumed when we were beaten 2-0 away at Grimsby Town. Our great cup run was ended as soon as it had begun!!!
  2. Thanks for the memory

    That was my last game at Oakwell as a resident of Barnsley. We moved down to the Big smoke, and I was the only Reds fan in school. In fact, most had never heard of Barnsley!
  3. RE: Thanks for the memory

    WE have indeed had some cracking encounters with the Terriers. Does anyone recall the 78/79 season, 5,000 Reds in the Cowhsed (their end) and we totally outplayed them but lost 1-0 and this was after they had missed two penalties.

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