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    ...I find it strange that 2 days before the Election Dianne Abbott stood down from the cabinet "indefinitely" and yet today shes has resumed her place. Even if her type 2 diabetes is now " under control" according to Corbyn on Peston un Sunday, it does leave Labour/Abbott wide open to accusations of either misjudgement of her state of health at the time and allowing her to continue in her role as obviously something was wrong.

    If she was already aware of the problem i.e. it had already been diagnosed then it should never have been allowed to escalate to the point where the effects become obvious and impair someone's ability to do the job. Corbyn or someone close to her should have had a duty of care to step in.
    If on the other hand it she has only just started on treatment then less than two weeks after the problem came to light, it is generally recognised that depending on which type of drug is being used it is a number of weeks before the condition can be fully stabilised and the bare minimum is regarded as about 2 weeks (I know this having worked with someone with type 2 diabetes). Besides it is easy to get this information from the internet.

    As I have said it will leave Labour open to accusations, fair or not, that DA was shunted off to the sidelines through a lacklustre performance and the illness is a smokescreen or if genuine, her colleagues showed a complete lack of understanding of her situation and allowed it to continue.
  2. She was sidelined to save further embarrassment Tekktyke, and I think every thinking person will feel that. I don't know what it says for Corbyn's further electoral prospects that he has declined the opportunity to rehabilitate the 'moderates'. He will feel that his success has been achieved with a supportive team from his own end of the spectrum. But can it be taken further without getting everyone back on board? (acknowledging that you may not wish him to succeed further!)
  3. Sin binned for the duration of the election run in should be put out to pasture permanently in my humble opinion
  4. Actually, I was starting to warm to him a little (although I profoundly disagree with some of his policies ), that is,until he started 'demanding' action (sounding like the wee lassie from Scotland), stating numerous times that he is "ready to form a Government" and "take over the Brexit negotiations" (as if!!) and, the last straw that made me see behind the mask, 'We should seize empty properties' !!!!

    Whilst that is a populist view, and whilst I disagree with people land banking and think it is amoral and symptomatic of the ills of the current system, when so many are homeless, compulsory purchase orders either mean paying the going rate which in London would cost millions and the council would then have a housing stock of high value homes to maintain as landlords long term, OR basically 'steal' property from the rightful owners. You cannot pick and choose when to apply such drastic measures either. If you do it in this situation you would have to pass a law and apply it to the whole of the country and effectively no-one could buy a house leaving it empty with a long term view to restoring it. To me it is an ill thought out, knee jerk, populist vote winner designed solely to undermine still further a weak PM and Government. He comes across more and more as an opportunist and I am seriously wondering how sincere and genuine he really is.
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  5. I don't really get the point of this. It's very likely that she was sidelined for being a liability, but if she wasn't then why should people have stepped in sooner? Maybe that was the point where people felt it was starting to affect her performance and they needed to step in. It's an incredibly tenuous basis for having a dig at Labour/Corbyn.
  6. I'm no great fan of Abbott. However something was clearly going on in terms of her in interviews. I couldn't see the clever working class girl who got into Cambridge or the one who won Parliamentarian of the year. Possibly she had been diagnosed and then wrongly medicated or was adjusting to medication.

    If I were Corbyn I'd ditch her but then given the numerous attempts to undermine him from within you can see the appeal in keeping loyal people close to you to protect you from the backstabbers.
  7. Sent to a hotel room with a couple bottles of gin. Someone's still got to break the news to her (and Corbyn) that they didn't win the election.
  8. I agree that no-one with her educational and career background could possibly be as inept (although I dislike her politics) as she came across in the two car crash interviews. My wife saw both on the internet and we both said at the time she did not look or sound 'right' and sounded genuinely confused and not lucid. Someone within the Labour Party, or close to DA - advisers, colleagues, whoever must have seen that and should therefore advised against further interviews after the first one. Instead she made a second disastrous appearance and then a 'no-show' at the last minute on Woman's hour.

    We often criticise football managers for playing their favourites however out of form they are, but it appears it is OK for a potential PM to field a member of cabinet who was clearly unfit for duty. The former just manages a football team, the latter is in charge of the country's security.

    Very poor judgement call in my view whoever was responsible to leave her exposed to ridicule. The 1st interview should have been an end of it if not even before she went on air when she was clearly not well.
  9. As per my response to JC... If they waited until it affected her performance they left it far too late. It was obvious from the very first interview that she was not right. So they had to wait for another car crash interview before pulling her out at the last minute for Womans hour.?? really. Add to that the "resigning from Shadow Cabinet for an 'indefinite period' as she has a long term medical condition" only for her to return less than two weeks after the election .

    And you say that is a tenuous basis for a dig at Corbyn or Labour?? Really?? I should take the blinkers off if I were you mate. As another poster has said every thinking person believes she was sidelined to avoid further embarrassment. For a party projecting a 'caring' image they failed to protect and look after one of their own. Duty of care!
  10. I think the last word on this matter should be for the electorate of the constituency - her share of the vote was 75.1% on a turnout of 67.1% of the electorate.
  11. I don't think her illness was remotely responsible for her poor performance (although I might be wrong). I think she obviously has academic ability but not the acuity to operate at shadow/actual ministerial level. Manfield Red: I think that how she (and for that matter the Corbynite and moderate MP's) are managed goes directly to Corbyn's prospects going forward. If May toughs this out you can expect the "fitness to govern" arguments to re-surface all over again.
  12. Her diabetes was diagnosed in 2015. She is an extremely intelligent woman so to my mind
    her poor performances could well be attributable to that condition.

    Unchecked a diabetic can lapse into coma. In the interview with Nick Ferrari she sounded as though
    she was on her way to that unfortunate state. Like Jimmy Cricket I'm not her biggest fans but to be returned with
    a sizeable increase in her majority as leebrilleux points out above her constituents must have faith in her.

    As for Theresa May rumours abound that 48 dissident Tory MP's are planning to send a letter expressing a
    vote of no confidence in her leadership to the 1922 Committee Chair in which case it leaves the door open for David Davis or Buffoon Boris to go head to head to take the reins.

    After reading more about them the Scottish "Tories" led by Kim Jong Un lookalike Ruth Davidson don't appear to hold many
    of the views expounded by their Westminster counterparts but the Government will have to listen to them.

    Davidson is apparently a champion of comprehensive schools and together with
    her 13 MP's seem to have more in common with the Lib-Dems than the Westminster Tories especially when it comes to Brexit.

    If they don't listen there could well be a bid for independence by the Scottish Tories and for that to happen unlike the SNP they
    wouldn't need a referendum.

    The vultures are swirling.!!!
  13. But if we say DA's Type 2 diabetes accounts for her performance, what do we say about Treseme's Type 1?
  14. If her bad performance was every interview then it would be a problem, but it was 2-3 out of lots. IIRC she did 7-8 before on the same day as the one where she forgot the cost of the extra police. Her brother apparently told her about her condition deteriorating and made her get help. It sounds like the pressure and campaign life made it difficult for her to manage her diet.
  15. K & C council have millions in reserve so much so they gave back £100 to each and every full council tax payer recently. They can afford it.
  16. Can we keep politics of a football forum!
  17. Nah. If you own more than one house, and the other one just sits empty, you're part of the problem. Temporary exemptions for inheritance situations/buying and selling to move, but other than that, why do you need a second (or third/fourth etc) house? While we're on the topic, let's have some decent rent controls too.

    Britain is full to bursting, isn't it?
  18. I find it strange that folk genuinely believe that these 'politicians' exsit. It's all a big pantomime. These latest bozos Abbot Corbyn may etc all just actors thrown in to confuse the masses. get em talking and create debate then it's real int it ?

    "We will not leave the EU regardless of referendum outcome" Not my words, the words of Brendan O'Connell during his goal celebration against Newcastle in 1993?? I think.

    Can still hear the ponty roar from that day, "vote for Owen Archdeacon, not the Jews".

    Good times
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