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  1. I've just been on there to get their views on Jason McCarthy.

  2. I've read that medically Type 1 that Theresa May has is worse than the Type 2 that Diane Abbott has.
    Theresa May was taken from each venue by battlebus or car so probably had the ability to carry out
    the six daily injections she needs and had better access to food and drink whereas Ms Abbott who quite
    often gave some interviews on the street was probably getting around on the tube or by car and wasn't as diligent
    over her medication and food and drink arrangements as she should have been.

    Whatever form you have diabetes is an awful disease. Guy I knew growing up went blind as a result of it and as recent as
    2013 a former colleague where I worked who was diabetic had open heart surgery.
    He was recovering well but five days after his Op because of complications brought about by diabetic condition without
    any warning the poor lad passed away.
  3. A life-long sufferer is also more likely to be in the habit of taking care of their body and will be more familiar with the signs that something is wrong than someone who is newly diagnosed. Often diabetics do not know they are until diagnosis, and adjusting diet and lifestyle after 40-50 years is hard to do.
  4. Since WW2 there are many people who own their own houses (the so called peace dividend). There are many people who live in private rented property Council housing, etc. The divide between rich and poor widens, not just because of people on high salaries but because younger people with property owning parents inherit whilst younger people with parents living in rented accommodation with few assets don't.

    So what appears to be the case here is that there was an outcry during the election from the opposition parties including Labour about a so called 'dementia tax' eating into people's inheritance and now they - well you - are advocating seizing property from people who own more than one house even where they have inherited it from their parents as it is unfair. So you advocate punishing them because their parents worked hard all their lives to pass on their estate to their children.

    You realize how contradictory that makes you appear don't you? Your argument demonstrates the principle of envy of ownership.

    The one part of your post I do agree with, and I agree wholeheartedly. is rent control. My father was a rent officer in the days when council regulated rents based on property valuation which considered not just the amount charged but the condition and H&S aspects of the property in question. I think (although I may be incorrect) that it was the Thatcher govt that got rid of the Rent Act allowing a free-for-all to develop with exploitative private landlords and loss of protection for tenants.
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  5. The Ponty always was anti Zionist apart from that brief period where they all worked as extras in Schlinders List.
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  6. Being diabetic myself and knowing many others in the same boat....the last person to trust is the diabetic....ask anyone with diabetes and i bet you will be hard pressed to find one who sticks to the so called rules ...and doesn't either bend or break the rules......easy to give advice harder to carry it out
  7. If she hadn't fought his corner the Tory Blairites would have ousted him long ago.
    Give the women a chance she's been ill ,
    If she's not up to it I'm sure the Tory press will let us know .
    All this about Diane Abbot and all the while bungling Boris and Dodgy Liam Fox and failed IDS are getting away with murder.
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  8. Couple of assumptions in there, Tekky. I'm well aware of the state of the market as it is now, and how it's a two-stream system.

    I mentioned inheritance purely because it's something that can happen out of the blue to someone, who may not have adequate plans made for it. I know inheritance is also something that is contributing to housing being made unaffordable for many people. Please don't assume that I'm someone who stands to benefit in this manner because I mention it as something that needs to be accounted for when formulating legislation, as you do with those wishing to renovate buildings in the long term (for what it's worth, I reckon those in a position to do this are contributing more damage to the state of the market than those whose parents simply own their own homes).

    I think similarly for buying and selling. I don't know, I've never bought a house.

    But as I say, owning more than one property for more than a short period of time and letting it stand empty, except in exceptional circumstances (such as those I described) and you're part of the problem.

    I also don't think it's contradictory to hold this view and disagree with the dementia tax. That attacks all assets held by anyone to pay for social care. I believe you should be able to pass on your home to your kids and not have to use it to fund end of life care, or have them pay for you. However, the same principle applies - if you have 6 to pass on, you're part of the problem.

    I don't really know what the solution is for this problem, I just know that it exists and it's massive. I don't think the government should be able to take houses that people inherit if they already own one, because that's batshit crazy. But when there are over 1,000 properties standing empty within a mile or two of Grenfell, but the government is talking of rehousing survivors in Peterborough, or you've been in full-time employment out of university for a decade and are still nowhere near even getting a deposit together because of what percentage of your income your rent takes up, something's wrong.

    I don't even care who's fault it was, Labour or Tory, but I know who I believe is more likely to fix it.
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  9. word-robe malunction

  10. Am told the only interview-car-crash-syndrome therapist is seeing a more senior MP, an acute case who the NHS took pity on cos she's also waiting for her heart to be deiced.

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