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  2. Don't scare me. I thought he'd signed.

  3. if he was to sign at least we would know we could rely on him to give 100% every theres a man who can honestly say hes strong and stable...
  4. Better hide your money or Jezza will use it to pay nurses a decent wage.
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  5. Took me a while but Corbyn Is the only one dealing in positive messages. Who has any sort of vision of the future that isn't just a race to the bottom.

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  6. People have been looking for the anti establishment figure for ages.
    At last they have found him.
  7. They are all anti establishment in opposition !
    Is it me or has corby yet to look the camera in the eye when being interviewed ?
  8. Are you having a laugh?
  9. Why not .
    You are .
  10. I wouldn't say a 'popularist' and economically damaging manifesto was visionary. It was one put forward as a protest knowing they had no chance of winning. It won increased votes including traditional middle class Tory supporters who would get their tuition fees paid for and from the youth who haven't yet had the life experience to unravel the idealism.There was either a flawed plan (corporation tax) or no plan for dealing with how it would be delivered against. It did little for the traditional labour supporter (in many places contradictory) and would create more debt for future generations, stifle growth and jobs whilst encouraging more immigration (increase to minimum wage). Corbyn's labour party will provide a good opposition and social conscience but in truth the party will not get elected under him IMO and they need to move more towards the Tory Blair model if that is going to happen
  11. Mail/Express/Sun reader ey?

    He used to be leader of the IRA as well

  12. Do you know summat the 137 economists that supported the manifesto don't? Pretty much all the policies put forward in the Labour manifesto are in place in Germany Europe's strongest economy. There is rarely agreement in economic circles but most are clear that austerity has led to economic stagnation

    Blairism is dead. Thank God. Who needs blue Labour. We need a vibrant positive government. Corbyn's labour could provide that. I know the tories plans for a tax haven of low pay on Europes shores won't.

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  13. Explain how it would stifle jobs?

    Answer me this:

    Seven long years of austerity.
    The demonisation of the poor, working class, the disabled, the weak, the poor, the vunerable
    Not a penny of the debt paid off and Osborne and Cameron actually tripled the debt?

    Wheres the money?
  14. It was a moderate, social democratic manifesto which aimed to introduce (or reintroduce) some things which are fairly standard in many Nordic or northern European countries - it's not like anything in there was completely untested elsewhere, or particularly utopian. The fact that it was portrayed as being completely impossible to put into practice, and borderline Soviet, is a sign of how right wing the press in this country are. Thankfully it appears that the electorate are not quite so committed to Thatcherism as many (including myself, admittedly) thought that they were.
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  15. Yawn...
  16. If Corbyn's entire manifesto was carried out, the country would still be more to the right than in John Major's tenure.
    Some of you Tories could do with looking at the facts occasionally
  17. To answer your questions specifically:-

    Jobs would be stifled by impact on growth borne out of increased/uncontrolled spending (above our means and increasing the deficit), impact of raising corporation tax on investment at a time when we need to encourage business into our country due to brexit (increasing it to previous levels would be damaging as the situation has/will change). Corporation tax revenues are at the highest levels recorded due to it's reduction which has stimulated growth and created just under 3 million more jobs. In addition increasing the minimum wage will lead to pressure on small business and most likely job losses. Its not just everyone being on £10 per hour but those on that now will want an increase too.

    Austerity was a necessary evil due to the previous labour government increasing the deficit beyond sustainable levels (this is different to the debt and is basically what we spend vs what income we receive through taxes etc). However the government have extended the period to neutralise the deficit recognising the impact of austerity but you need the economy and economic growth to get there.

    The demonization aspect is accusational and not based on fact but there is general recognition that social injustices need to be tackled. The difference is how you do so and the labour model will not achieve it. The Tory's have a low taxation model that has taken more working class people out of paying income tax at all and wages between poor vs rich are closer than they were before. Main issue address is the younger generation and property ownership which has left us with a generation gap.

    The debt aspect is all about living within your means so if you can pay the 'mortgage' due to the improved economic performance then again a necessary evil. The main issue and impact is the budget deficit which the Tory's have reduced by 3/4.
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  18. You need to wake up....stop living in the past
    Appreciate you don't want the listen....enjoy your sleep
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  19. So nothing to do with the global financial crisis then ?
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  20. Yes of course, but you cannot ignore the fact that public finances were out of control and Labour did the opposite of what they should have done during that crisis.

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