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  1. Not seen any post on here congratulating him on his mbe

    Yt why hasn't this got a mention on the official site either
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  2. I'd no idea John had received an honour.
    Well done, John, congratulations.
  3. I can see the headline now:-

    Player who last played for Barnsley FC 28 years ago gets MBE for nothing to do with Barnsley FC.
  4. Thanks. You never let yourself down
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  5. Come on Tommy, get a bleedin' grip. It's hardly a big news story is it?
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    What that a former players has been recognised for his contribution to society

    No you're right it's a complete. Non story and he should. Receive no congratulations for it at all
  7. They've not mentioned it on the Finn Harps website either.

    What is this world coming to?

    Well done John.
  8. Your absolutely. Correct. Terry
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    Got it for his pioneering work in the " Let's give Racism the Red card campaign".
    He apparently devotes his spare time to working on it and has influenced over
    50,000 kids each year he's worked on the scheme. Well done John. Loved him when he played for the Reds.
    Gutted when we flogged him to Portsmouth.
    I've even forgiven him for being a Dee Dah.
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