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  1. It's not rocket science... I'm 61 and crap. Nobody would sign me based on that.
  2. I should have made it clearer that I was talking about players in the age range we generally bring in (18-25) but I obviously understand your point.

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  3. So you don't see a difference between an 18 year old in his first professional season, and a 25 year old in his sixth or seventh?
  4. Of course. But there could be a multitude of reasons why a 25 year old has played less pro games than an 18 year old first year pro.

    Take the lad McAleny for example. 24 year old with about 30 senior games to his name. His first loan spell began in March of his first senior season. His second ended in a leg break after 3 games. He had a couple more where he wasn't sent out on loan until Feb/March in a season.

    He was highly rated by Everton by all accounts. It could be perceived as mismanagement on their part that he hasn't had a loan spell anywhere longer than a couple of months until his last 2 loan spells. I'd say the leg break when he was 19 wouldn't have helped.

    As I say, it's not an exact science. It's unfair to suggest that because a player has only played x amount of pro games by 25, he's not up to it.

    Jamie Vardy didn't play a single professional game until he was 25.

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  5. Regardless of the reasons, my problem is (and it's the same with Isgrove) they haven't had the necessary experience and development at ages 20-23. They've probably been playing with other bairns. I would avoid a 24/25 year old with less than 100 career appearances - at all levels.
  6. You are right. But there's always going to be exceptions. This guys played a lot of games for Dulwich, which might only be conference South, but it's experience against players who'll be much older and more experienced than him.

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  7. Its all irrelevent really. If there deemed good enough by PH and the scouting team that's good enough for me.
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  8. FAO admin - close the board.
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  9. I, too, value the opinions of Hecky and his staff over those of self appointed football experts and gurus from various branches of social media.
    However, if people have issues with our club then I don't see any problems with them raising their points of view. Just because I don't agree with them doesn't mean they shouldn't have the opportunity to air those views.
    I'm happy to see their comments voiced on here (assuming they stay within the rules of Site Admin), provided everyone who holds alternative interpretations has the same opportunity..
  10. I agree every body should and has an opinion.I refer mainly to players who I don't know anything about.Thats where I put my faith in Hecky and his staff.
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  11. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I agree.:D

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