league cup at swillsboro

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  1. am i the only 1 who can remember this match from the late 70s we had 3 goals disallowed and the pigs went on to win 1.0 nobody else ever seems to remember it i must have dreamed it
  2. Autumn 1982

    We'd beaten United 3-1 at Bramall Lane the previous round. I walked away from Hillsborough that night convinced we'd been cheated out of our victory by a gutless, homer of a referee. I still think that now!
  3. No, I remember that, might have been the year we knocked the blunts out 3-1 at Brammall Lane. Glavin "scored" with a header, Parker got one of the others, the same linesman - Mr F A Hope - disallowed all three.
  4. Ha Ha - hey, my memory is razor sharp and I remember this game clearly.

    We however did NOT have 3 goals disallowed. Chinese Whuispers!! (not to be confuised with that old nighclub in tarn) - However we had one of the most perfectly good goals disallowed by a Ref by the name of - I think - Ken Walmsley (BLackpool). A long cross was floated in from the left as the away fans watched the game,................Glavin ghosted in from a clear on side position and glanced the ball past Bob Bolder - I think he was the Weds keeper. There was also an incident near the end where the ball may or may not have crossed the line but to be honest we may well have been clutching at straws at that stage. 3 goals disallowed way off the mark though!!

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