Looks like another terror attack,this time in North London...

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Cod Eye, Jun 19, 2017 at 5:08 AM.

  1. Whatever anybody thinks or supports, we've only got one world and we're making a right arse of sharing it.
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  2. It's looking like a non Muslim attacking Muslims this time. Absolute sub human scum, whatever religion, race or background they are...

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  3. Well said that man.

    I'm not a hippy by any means but wouldn't it be a better place if we all just got along a little more?
  4. Reports indicate 1 fatality at least 7 injured. Muslim worshippers leaving the Finsbury Park
    mosque after worship at the end of the days Ramadan fast.
    A 48 year old male arrested by local citizens now being held by police. Absolutely mindless.!
  5. Scumbag.

    Thoughts with those affected.
  6. Inevitable that some one would decide to take 'revenge'

    Also inevitably it was the infamous Finsbury park mosque
  7. I can see alot of unfriending on facebook occuring today as afew of my "friends" saying revenge ETC. An idiot is an idiot no matter what his skin colour or religion is
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  8. F**k me I walked past that on Sunday morning:eek:
  9. There's no difference between this criminal killer and the Borough Market criminal killers and should be treated the same .
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  10. I couldn't. Agree more
  11. True
    Im not shocked I was just waiting for the next one - whether it was an "Islamic" terrorist or a "revenge" terrorist I couldnt have predicted but I knew it was going to happen, so I am not shocked but it doesnt mean I am no less distressed by it

    Have to agree and wish I knew how we can fix this
  12. Based on the last two attacks, banning or limiting van hire would be a start.
  13. If you removed the word "religion" and any concept of it from the human psyche then we'd probably (?) all get on fine together.
  14. dont talk rubbish,maybe they should ban rucksacks because those bombers carried their explosives in one,or knives because others have used knives.
    cars lorries buses and even bikes can cause just the same amount of damage,you cant go round banning everyday items.
  15. To Wales, if the hire van is anything to go by.
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  16. That's right W1zz . It's being reported 47 year old Darren Osborne from Cardiff was the idiot
    arrested by the public earlier today. As if things weren't bad enough.!

    He apparently was heard to shout " I've done my bit."
    What an absolute cretin.!
  17. Hmmm the same mosque gets targeted that was raided in 2003 knives guns and the rest were found. Also has been home to famous hate preachers like Abu hamza ect
  18. Peaceful worshippers leaving their mosque after the days fasting and prayers have ended.!!!
    If the mosque is still frequented by extremists it's up to the Police and Security services
    to take them out not a half wit shouting " kill all Muslims, I've done my bit".!

    His Mothers just been heard on TV she was crying and absolutely mortified about his stupid actions.
    He'll probably get life leaving 4 kids behind to make their own way in life. Racist idiot.
    As I've said previously what an absolute cretin.!
    Let's wait and see what happens. Authorities might probably say he's got Mental Health issues
    which exonerates him from being a terrorist.!???

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