Looks like another terror attack,this time in North London...

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Cod Eye, Jun 19, 2017 at 5:08 AM.

  1. You're treading a very fine line with this comment. I hope you're not suggesting what it sounds like you are.

  2. No I think it's terrible that innocent people have been killed and hurt. But I do think the mosque in question should have been shut down years ago when it was breeding hate preachers and weapons were found on the premises.
  3. It's obvious what he is saying, he just hasn't got the balls to say it out right

  4. Its never okay for innocent people to get hurt no matter what race religion they are maybe if you met me in person you would think diffrent instead of trolling me on here. I do think the mosque should have been shut down though after the raids and the preachers.
  5. Nope: originally from weston-super-mare, so send the cnut back to erm??? England!.
  6. Have a word with yourself. I presume you didn't mean that how it came across but it doesn't come across well.

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  7. He was born in Singapore and lived in Weston -Super- Mare for a while apparently.
    He's lived in Cardiff for a number of years with his wife and four kids.
    It matters not where he's from really. His family has released a statement that he has
    been " troubled" for some time but has never expressed any racist views.!
    A local Muslim woman has said he stopped her daughter on her bike last week
    and called her an "inbred".
  8. W
    Where as his burka. Dressed neighbour said. He used to do diy for her
  9. The Welsh have a lot to answer for:
    Manic Street Preachers
    Max Boyce
    Harry Secombe

    need I go on?
  10. Completely missed the irony of my post there mate.

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