Nearest football grounds to you?

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  1. Whitkirk Wanderers– West Yorkshire League division 1

    Unsurprisingly the closest league club is Leeds.

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  2. Unfortunately Rotherham Utd

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  3. AFC Fylde - half a mile away
  4. Tarn.
  5. Park Rd Worsbrough 0.5mls
  6. Bloomfield Road 1 mile
  7. Shaw Lane then Oakwell
  8. How far down the pyramid are we talking?

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  9. Houghton main
    Denaby main
  10. As far down as you like :D
  11. Luxor athletic then

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  12. In that case the Hardy Road stadium then (aka my back garden)
  13. Penistone Church for me. Nearest league ground is Oakwell.
  14. We're all Hunset club aren't we?

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  16. Oakwell. I'm not sure I can count the Rotherham road pitches as a ground.
  17. Witton Albion for me, soon to be Cork City or Limerick.

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