Old goalkeeper Jack Allan for Stevemfc1885.

Discussion in 'Barnsley FC Memories' started by Donny Red, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Been on the board containing everybody's past memories of the Reds. I described the day in 1952 when I met Tommy Taylor at Belle Vue. I couldn't help but see a posting from Stevemfc1885 about a goalkeeper the Reds had in the late 40's re - John " Jack" Allan. Can't see where anybody gave him some information but I've managed to find some info about him for Steve.

    He was born in September 1931 in Amble ( North-East). Looks as though throughout his time (1949-53) he was used as cover when other keepers re- Harry Hough and Jack Walls were crocked.

    He was 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighed 12 stone. He made his debut against Leeds United on 1st March 1952 playing his last game in the return fixture on 18th October.
    After a total of 11 appearances between 1951 and 53 he made a total of 11 first team appearances.
    He was released on a free transfer at the end of the 52/53 campaign.

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