People you have met on route to a game.

Discussion in 'Barnsley FC Memories' started by Vicar Tyke, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. During 84/5, I went to Wolves v. Barnsley. Before the game, I found a charity shop in Wolvhampton that was raising monies for striking miners & their families so I went in to support.

    The shop was manned by an old couple. Upon seeing my colours, the old boy asks me if I was here for the match then tells me he played in the same team as Stanley Matthews. The guy gave me his complete career (he played for Stoke City for 6-7 seasons) then he turns to his wife and says, " you can spare me for a while, can't you"

    FOr the next hour, I was introduced to Wolves Wanderes greats including Ron Flowers & Tim Hancocks.

    I thank this chap and went to the game. Until recently, that had been the only time I had been to Wolverhampton.

    A few months ago(20 years later), I was invited to lead a church service in Wolves. As part of my introduction, I said that that was only the second time I'd stopped in wolves, the first being for a football match 'but that's a different story'.

    After the service, I'm approached by an old lady who proceeds to say, " you know it's strange you should say about football, my husband used to play with stanley Matthews' 'What was his name?' 'Ted Massey' It was the same chap!! This woman was amazed when I told her I remembered her helping in the charity shop. HOw spooky!
  2. Small correction. It should surely be Johnny Hancocks?
  3. Yep ,,you're right...Tim Hancocks was someone else I met

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