Songs heard from matches over the years:

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  1. Have a look at the list and add to it with the song name in the subjectline.
  2. My old man said be a Barnsley fan...

    My old man said be a Barnsley fan
    and don't dilly dally on the way
    We took the Wednesday in half a minute
    We took the Sheff U and all that's init
    With bricks and spanners
    Carfing knifes and hammers
    We'll show those Sheffields Barstewards how to fight
    Cos we are are the Barnsley Ponty Enders
    And we'll fight for ever more
  3. Brazil, it's just like watching Brazil nt
  4. People say football's boring

    People say football's boring
    Ronnie Glavin's always scoring
    Can you hear the Ponte roaring
    Glavin is our King
  5. I was born under the Ponty End

    I was born under the Ponty End
    I was born under the Ponty End
    Boots were made for Kicking, fists were made to smack.
    The only time to see a Wednesday fan is when he's on his back.
    Oh I was born under the Ponty End.
  6. Forever and ever

    Forever and Ever
    we'll follow our team
    were Barnsley FC
    we rule supreme.
    We'll never be masterd,
    by you, by you sheffield b*****d's
    we'll keep the red flag flying high
  7. We had joy we had fun...

    We had joy we had fun
    We had wednesday on the run
    but the joy didn't last
    cos the wednesday run too fast
  8. Funniest song I ever heard was in a game against Tranmere Rovers at Oakwell. They had a striker called Eugene Dadi.
    He committed a foul in the first half for which he received a yellow card.
    In the second half he again fouled a Reds player and quite rightly got his marching orders.
    As he trudged off towards the tunnel quick as a flash Reds fans in the Ponty end struck up a chorus of the " Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" classic " Where's your Daddy gone.?" I swear to the God I nearly piss*d myself.
    Absolute quality.
  9. Against Chelsea at home in premier losing 1-6, Chelsea fans started
    singing, it's just like watching Grange Hill, funny and painful at same time

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  10. We didn't even score against Chelsea it was 0-6

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  11. Sorry must have been wishful thinking

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  12. In one game we played ( can't remember it was) we were really bad 1 to 11.
    Our fans struck up the chant " Ryhill, it's just like watching Ryhill."
  13. Bang on 27th August 1997 with a crowd of 18,170. Gianluca Vialli 4, Gus Poyet and Dan Petrescu.
    Watching through open fingers up to my eyes every time they attacked us.
    Remember Zola and Wise dominated midfield.

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