The game I'm glad I didn't go to

Discussion in 'Barnsley FC Memories' started by Vicar Tyke, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. We moved from Barnsley in 1978 to London. Every kid usedto take the p*** of this 11 year old who supported a strange northern team.

    My grandparents lived near maidenhead and when I stay there, Grandad would sometimes take me to watch Reading play at Elm Park.

    I remember how we visited my grandparents one weekend and I spent all morning trying to persuade my grandad to take me to Elm Park that afternoon but he wouldn't.

    Reading's opponents that afternoon were the Super Reds, only when the result came they hadn't been so super. Yep, the game Grandad wouldn't take me to, was Joe Joyce's debut, the 7-0 defeat! Boy, did I get stick back at school. I was only glad i wasn't there!
  2. I was at that game too... i reckon 600 Reds supporters were too. If memory serves me right, it wsa after this game that Clarkie took the team darn t'pit?
  3. Yeah I was at that game too. In fact I've been to Elm Park 3 times. All defeats 1-0, 7-0, 3-2 stopped going after that.
  4. 78/79, 79/80, and 80/81, and i have to agree too... I never went after those three too.

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