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  1. As a Barnsley fan was in the Autumn of 1974. We were at home to Workington (ask yer Dads) and had got off to our usual bad start in the 4th Division. Workington were perenial strugglers in the late 60's & 70's, so it gave us the opportunity to get a much needed two points. However , Barnsley produced the worst performance I have ever seen at Oakwell. Neither team could string two passes together, I despaired of seeing a goal scored. A blunder in the Barnsley defence (you see, it was happening over 30 years ago, too) presented Workington with their only chance, which they promptly took. At no stage did we look like equalising, in fact the performance got steadily worse. At the end of the game, I was distraught as only a teenager can be. "That's it", I told my Dad, as we trudged back to the car,"Never again! If they don't care, why should I??". I meant it, too. Dad pointed out that, as HE'D bought my season ticket for me, I had no say in the matter. "If I have to suffer, then so have you!!" he said. Cue appropriate teenage sulk!! If I could have got my way at that time, my life would never have included Barnsley Football Club ever again. So why is this particular game so important to my BFC love affair? When we beat Bradford City, Manchester United, Aston Villa, Spurs, Liverpool and got to Wembley years later, my mind went back to that Workington game. We had come so far together. I could fully appreciate those good times, as I'd been daft enough to be there when things were at their worst! If I could stick with them after the Workington game (albeit with some strong parental guidance!), then the problems since Wembley could easily be faced. We have never performed as bad in the league since that Workington match and, hopefully, we never will.
  2. Now there's a coincidence. This was only the second Reds game I ever saw. I was seven at the time and still caught up in what was a completely new experience for me: the excellent view from the old bench seats, the whiff of Bovril, drifting clouds of Park Drive, a few chants from the sparsely populated Ponty. Crowds and performances that season must have been about as low as things ever got, but I loved every minute. Funny to think how others saw things in an entirely different light.
  3. Perhaps it's because, as a fifteen year old, I thought I was always right and every issue was "black or white", never grey. I knew all the answers, or thought I did. Come to think of it, you were probably more mature than I was at that time.

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