those lads at Football league world need to just give up

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  1. Absolutely useless site full of ads.

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  2. Written by someone who never saw the lad play for us. Never seen us play at all in fact....
  3. Click bait.

    Basically someone (who's probably not getting paid, or at least being paid a minimal amount) is told to write a piece about Barnsley. They do the bare minimum research required and stick it out there as :
    "someone who Barnsley SHOULD sign" as opposed to someone that we're actually perusing.

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  4. Ha Ha - I particlularly liked
    "The 22-year-old would appear to be surplus to requirements at parent club Leicester City, although his contract at the Foxes doesn’t expire until 2019, so a fee would have to be paid."

    Well he got the surplus to requirements bit right, he is as close to making Leicesters matchday squad as I am to making ours. I wonder what sort of fee Leicester would pay someone to take him - they have him for 2 more years - oh dear
  5. Come on nar he's only young that broached on disrespectful. I wish him the best of luck.
  6. I am happy to wish him luck as welll - He tried when he played for us but really he needs to drop down to league 1 or 2 - he was well out of his depth in the championship and I cant see him ever being a premiership player.
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