Unpopular post about the tower block fire

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  1. Again I agree. Although I understand the anger. The incident at the Town Hall was counterproductive.

    On Peston yesterday the woman who had set up the centre and then tried to hand it over to the council was almost beside herself in frustration, grief and stress at tbe incompetence of the council.

  2. That's right. If somebody dies without sufficient assets to pay for a burial the appropriate LA has
    to pay for what was called " a paupers funeral". This usually involved an official order being given
    to the Funeral Director who at minimal cost would inter the deceased in an unmarked grave or have them
    cremated and then bill the Council.

    On the subject of the panels fitted at the flats a number of people have been offering their opinion.
    Minister for London Greg Hands and the Department for Communities and Local Government have said that
    fitting plastic cladding to high rise buildings is " not in accordance with UK Building Regulations."
    The suggestion is that the Architects chose fireproof metal cladding but the Contractors switched to Reynobond PE
    to make a saving of £6,250.
    The Contractor Harley Facades have removed all references to the Grenfell tower re-furb from its web page.
    It's claimed that Police are now seizing documents from the Council, Architect and Contractor to help the DPP in any
    criminal proceedings that will probably ensue.
    The Police are also gearing up to deal with a mass protests they are expecting at the State opening of Parliament on Wednesday.
  3. I know where you are coming from, and why you'd raise the question.

    However, these people have nothing. Literally absolutely nothing. I guess contents insurance would have been a policy too expensive for most.

    We give so much foreign aid to help those in need outside of the UK. We often ignore our own. These people need help that only a cash hand out can give, and I for one am glad to see them getting it. It's the least the government can do at this time.

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  4. If you're removed from your home so the area can be 'regenerated' , the payment is £5,580.
  5. i think the main question that needs answering is "what started/caused the fire", bad workmanship, overloaded electrical systems, meth lab, cannabis farm, terrorist attack, scented yankee candles to near the curtains ???

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