Welcome to 3 hour long football matches

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  1. There is though isn't there. A lot of the suggestions are bang on and exactly what needs changing.

    Why doesn't the ref already add the correct amount of time on for penalties, goals, subs , injuries etc? Of course he should be stopping his watch when these things happen. The only reason we are talking about it is because of weak referees.

    Having the scoreboard linked to the referees watch is common sense. Communication is key and if we can all SEE that he is adding time on for a player faking injury we might not get quite as irate.
  2. Doesn't seem that ridiculous at the higher end of the game but what about the lower leagues? Some don't even have clocks, sounds expensive to get all that technology in place for a ref to effectively stop the clock.
  3. Why not have a timekeeper/fourth official plus hooter as in Rugby League?
  4. It won't happen. Attendances would drop and much as it would bring in more revenue on the televised games, the smaller clubs wouldn't stand for it.
  5. Matches under John McSeveney definitely seemed to last three hours!
    And we still usually lost without scoring!
  6. Don't agree with not being able to follow up a penalty, in fact i would go so far as to say (in my opinion) it's a ridiculous suggestion.
  7. Agree. There are some decent ideas in there, but the penalty thing isn't one of them.

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