Why I love German football

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  1. Season ticket renewal: £159.

  2. Had to pack work in to look after the missus 4 weeks ago but hoping to still get over in September....ish . Looking forward to fixture dates to try and plan summat.

    Any tips for beer and food in Nuremberg.....over on Thurs till Mon....can't wait (that and 2 trips to Berlin booked ,paid for and beer vouchers aside before having to live off the state.... before certain posters pull me ;) )
  3. You'll enjoy Nürnberg mate. There's a "beach in the city" going on but it's a good 25/30 minute walk from the main station.

    You have barfußer and Paulaner bar at Hallplatz which is literally 2 minutes from the main station.
  4. Seen the beach (hoping tofind that BFC towel ;) ) We will probably cover most of the Altstadt over the weekend.....if there is beer involved I don't mind a steady shove :D

    Did the beach get too busy or overpriced ? It'll be like being in Whitby......with sausages :D
  5. It wasn't too busy at all mate, it's massive with many different bars to choose from.


    Vordere Insel Schütt, 90403 Nürnberg, Germany

    Google says it's only a 5 minute walk from the station, I must have been pissed and gone the long way :D
  6. I think google must have used Usain Bolt for that timing....nearer what you said. We are just off Konigstrasse at the train station end. Loads of bars and eateries to go at so more like a 6 hour walk there and 8 hour back ;)
  7. Watch out for the moody barmaid at Paulaner, she was after us for making too much noise after the Fortuna win there :D
  8. Can't beat a moody German barmaid ......I'll make sure I wear a Fortuna shirt when we go in ;)
  9. We started off in there before the Germany vs. San Marino game and she was still in a bad mood, it's either permanent or she remembered us :D
  10. Might even nip down to the Nazi parading grounds and get some photos to cheer Hemsy up ;)
  11. Hooligan lol
  12. Too slow and fat to be a hooligan mate :D

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